Large scale laundry operations, such as those found in healthcare facilities, hotel resorts, and correctional facilities, to name a few, demand rugged, durable, high capacity laundry equipment. This laundry equipment not only should be capable of both high volume and high quality laundry production, it should also be energy and water efficient. Programmability and ease of use are also of paramount importance for industrial laundry installations in order to minimize labor and training costs.

For 50 years, Western State Design (WSD) has specialized in the distribution and installation of state-of-the art industrial laundry equipment to clients around the world. WSD’s collective experience and expertise allow it to quickly understand its clients’ needs and produce cost-effective and scalable solutions. WSD’s talent for developing solutions to some of its clients’ most challenging laundry problems is legendary in the industry.

WSD is an authorized distributor for various top rated American commercial and industrial washing machines, dryers and laundry finishing equipment manufacturers including the following:


Pellerin Milnor Corporation is a world renowned manufacturer, producing state-of-the-art laundry machines including washer-extractors, high capacity dryers, CBW tunnel washers in their Louisiana factory. These machines include energy and water saving features including RinSave-R®, ExactXtract® extraction optimizer, and PulseFlow® Technology.

American Dryer (ADC)

ADC manufactures a full range of large capacity industrial dryers that process laundry quickly and efficiently. ADC offers a unique ergonomic design for demanding operations.

Chicago Dryer

Chicago Dryer specializes in commercial and industrial laundry flatwork finishing systems. Chicago’s equipment includes innovative flatwork feeding, ironing and automatic folding equipment to process a large volume of laundry quickly and effectively.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM)

California-based CLM is the only U.S. dryer manufacturer dedicated entirely to producing industrial grade laundry dryers, capable of drying hundreds of pounds of laundry at a time quickly and efficiently.

Parker Boiler

Parker Boiler manufactures a wide variety of boilers and water equipment for optimized laundry operations. Its line of equipment includes steam boilers, condensing boilers, hot water boilers, thermal liquid heaters, indirect water heaters, low NOx burners, water softeners, feedwater deaerators, blowoff tanks, storage tanks, as well as other boiler room accessories.

Thermal Engineering of Arizona (TEA)

Tucson-based TEA has been manufacturing equipment for efficient use and reuse of wastewater, energy and heat since 1977. This equipment allows large scale laundry operations to meet local municipal requirements and save on onerous utility costs.

For More Information

We would be happy to provide additional detailed information about our line of industrial laundry equipment and expertise. Contact a WSD industrial laundry specialist today to find out how we can solve your large scale laundry facility needs. We stand behind the products we sell and offer prompt service and genuine OEM parts via our online parts store.