WSD is a leading supplier of Milnor high capacity commercial, industrial and on-premise laundry equipment to serve large- and medium-scale laundry operations. Proudly made in America, Milnor has been manufacturing their renowned industrial washing machines and dryers in their factory in Louisiana for over 65 years.

These durable and and energy-efficient commercial washers, batch washers, dryers, and extraction systems feature exclusive technology to help increase profitability by reducing labor, linen replacement, energy, and water costs. Select a product below to learn why hotels, resorts, hospitals, health clubs, linen supply companies, and other on-premise laundry customers trust Milnor laundry equipment from Western State Design.

Milnor Products:

Washer Extractors
Milnor industrial washers are engineered for efficiency and reliability. With oversized cylinders and advanced technology, these workhorses can process high volumes of laundry with excellent wash quality, requiring minimal water, energy and labor. Drying times are substantially reduced.

From commercial dryers for veterinarian offices and athletic facilities, to industrial and pass-through dryers for large hotels and hospitals, and even specialized Gear Guardian® dryers for fire departments, Milnor offers dryers for any on-premise laundry need.

CBW Batch Washers
Save water, energy and labor in large-scale laundry operations with Milnor CBW® Batch Washers custom-made for each customer's specific industrial laundry needs.

Extraction Systems
Fully automate your laundry operation by adding a Milnor Extraction System to your CBW® Tunnel Washer. With a variety of centrifugal extractors and press extractors, we can customize a system to best serve your facility's laundry requirements.

Milnor's laundry equipment is built to increase profitability, with features that reduce labor, linen replacement, energy and water costs. On-premise and industrial laundries around the world are realizing savings with their Milnor equipment. Milnor's large scale washer-extractors increase the productivity of laundry facilities by minimizing loading and unloading times with hydraulic tilt technology.

Water & Energy Saving Technology
Milnor's RinSave water saver feature is standard on all T-Series, V-Series, MWF-Series, X-Series, and 48040 open-pocket washer-extractors. The exclusive software uses a precise G-force to remove wash liquid out of the goods between the last wash cycle and rinse cycle, saving up to 0.4 gallons per pound and up to two rinse steps and ten minutes per load.

Milnor's MilTouch controls combine RinSave technology and ExactXtract extraction optimizer for rigid mount washer-extractors that combine rugged construction and energy savings. MilTouch allows the user to fine-tune, modify and select pre-programmed formulas based on specific requirements. Easily transfer washer-extractor formulas, which can be created using Milnor's PC programmer software, and backups from your computer to any MilTouch machine using the machine's USB port.

CBW Batch Tunnel Washers
Milnor's PulseFlow CBW washers and hands-free washer-extractor systems require only a single operator, thus saving on labor costs. Shorter process times in their CBW systems and tear-free washer extractors extend linen life, reducing linen replacement costs. By reducing process times the CBW system also saves on energy, and with the help of PulseFlow, saves on water too.

PulseFlow is Milnor's patent-pending technology built into CBW wash systems which reduces water and energy consumption, improves chemical performance, and cuts wash times dramatically. Successfully implementing PulseFlow into hospitality, healthcare and linen supply commercial and on-premise laundries, we're confident Milnor's advancement in technology will improve your laundry services. Watch the PulseFlow video.

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