Western State Design supplies top-rated Dexter commercial washers to vended laundry businesses throughout California and other western states. Dexter washers are reliable and legendarily durable which means they stand the test of time. Choosing a card- or coin-operated Dexter washing machine is an investment in the success of your laundromat business. Laundromat owners can feel confident choosing washers and dryers from Dexter Laundry thanks to its rigorous testing, industry-leading warranties, and advanced technology and control features.

The Benefits of Dexter's Stainless Steel Construction

American-made Dexter Laundry equipment features polished chrome doors and stainless steel tops, front, and side panels for a sleek, professional appearance. AISI 304 stainless steel is known for its strength and resistance to rust and corrosion, which translates to a longer lifespan for commercial washers.The smooth, non-porous surface of stainless steel is easy to wipe down and sanitize, promoting a clean and hygienic laundry environment. By choosing Dexter coin and card operated washing machines, you're investing in a long-term laundry solution built with lasting performance and value in mind.

Dexter Durability: Efficiency at Its Finest

Non-express Dexter commercial washers are designed for energy efficiency. These high-efficiency washing machines feature a sump-less outer tub, which minimizes wasted water with every wash. The powerful 100G-Force final spin removes more water from laundry compared to 2-speed washers, reducing drying time in your dryers and allowing you to serve more customers. Dexter's innovative variable frequency drive lowers noise levels during operation, improves overall machine performance, and contributes to lower electrical usage.

DexterLive: Transform Laundry Management with Smart Technology

The Dexter C-Series washers aren't just powerful cleaning machines; they're equipped with an advanced management system called DexterLive. This industry-leading technology empowers you to take control of your laundromat operations from anywhere, anytime through a user-friendly web app. DexterLive provides real-time and historical usage reports. Analyze washer performance, identify peak usage times, and optimize wash cycle settings to maximize efficiency and keep customers satisfied. DexterLive also makes remote management easier by allowing you to adjust wash cycle options, change pricing, reboot the control, or take a machine out of service directly trhough the app. Respond to customer needs and market fluctuations in real-time and increase your revenue potential.

DexterPay: Streamline Payments, Boost Convenience, and Increase Customer Loyalty

In today's digital world, convenience is king. DexterPay, a mobile payment app, delivers a seamless laundry experience for customers, while offering significant benefits for your business. This innovative app eliminates the need to carry cash or wait for change, and customers can conveniently initiate wash cycles and monitor their laundry status remotely. DexterPay reduces the need for coin handling and cash management, streamlining laundromat operations. The DexterPay mobile payment app combined wih the DexterPay Loyalty program creates a powerful duo to attract new, retain, current, and reward all your customers.

Ready to streamline your laundromat operations and boost customer satisfaction? Contact a WSD Vended Laundry Specialist today to learn more about Dexter coin and card operated commercial washers, DexterLive, and DexterPay solutions.