The DexterLive laundry management system allows laundromat owners to utilize technology and software that makes managing card- and coin-operated equipment a breeze, whether you're on site or working remotely. Your Dexter washers and dryers come with built-in tech that allows you to control and program your machines easily through a downloadable app or by connecting to a network. Read on to learn how the DexterLive laundry management system makes pricing, promotions, and cycle set-ups quick and easy.

Every Dexter Laundry C-Series washer or dryer comes equipped with free access to, a cloud-based control system that lets coin laundry operators easily program individual machines for your particular store's needs. The technology gives you the ability to optimize laundromat operations while providing excellent service to your customers—all with the touch of a few buttons. The C-Series is Dexter's most powerful, smartest lineup yet, armed with cutting-edge commercial laundry software and technology to maximize efficiency and revenue: DexterLive controls and the web app.


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DexterLive Controls

DexterLive is designed to help you create the perfect settings for your business, offering more programmable options and features than ever before. This dynamic laundry control system is available anytime, anywhere, on any internet capable device. Take advantage of the free access to to make your DexterLive controls even more powerful.

Maximize Revenue Generation

DexterLive controls offer many upsell features and promotion options to help you maximize revenue generation. With multiple upsell features for both washers and dryers, you can choose the perfect cycle offerings to fit your laundry business.

Enable DexterPay

Use DexterLive to set up and manage customers' access to your laundry equipment via the new DexterPay mobile payment app.

Improve Customer Service

Help customers faster! The Remote Access feature lets you troubleshoot issues from anywhere. You can stop, start or reboot machines, or even take them out of service remotely.

Simple Interface

DexterLive controls share a common interface across all Dexter washers and dryers, making them intuitive for everyone. Durable rubber push buttons and an improved, easy-to-read display ensure a smooth user experience. For multilingual customers, DexterLive offers multiple language options. Clear and detailed prompts guide users through each wash cycle, minimizing confusion and streamlining customer flow at your laundromat.


There is no need for proprietary laundry management software or devices with DexterLive controls: easy to access USB ports on all C-Series products allow you to program your machines faster and easier than ever. With free access to web-based, you can create user files and customize your equipment to fit your store and business needs. Customized files can then be saved and transferred to equipment via USB drive.

Maintenance & Installation

Perfect for any installation, innovative DexterLive controls offer adjustable final extract speeds on washers and many other customizable features, providing a flexible, efficient setup. With new quick test and error code features, you'll have all the tools and information needed to keep equipment running in top condition.

The DexterLive Web App

Take your business to the next level with the DexterLive Web App. New C-Series washers and dryers feature DexterLive controls and come with free access to Dexter's powerful new web app.

Easy Programming To Customize Your Laundry

With, you can easily view, edit and save your settings for all of the available features on your C-Series products. Custom files can then be downloaded and transferred via USB, making programming your machines faster, easier and more convenient than ever before.

An Easy-To-Use Laundry Control System Maximizes Revenue

Dexter's laundry app allows you to quickly create customized pricing and promotions for your Dexter equipment. With multiple upsell features available for both washers and dryers, you can choose the perfect cycle offerings to fit your business needs. And Dexter's laundry management system makes it easy to create special promotions throughout the week, so you can attract more customers during off-peak hours and maximize your laundromat's revenue.

Manage Your Team: Let DexterLive Help Around the Office streamlines laundry location management by allowing administrators and various personnel to access your online account. With customizable settings, you can use this feature for business partners, managers, store employees, technicians or anyone else who helps you with your business.

Take advantage of the notes section of where you can keep detailed maintenance and service records on each of your Dexter products to help track and manage your equipment.

Iowa-based, employee-owned and operated, Dexter Laundry provides ongoing support and enhanced capabilities for the DexterLive technology through seamless twice-yearly firmware updates, even for older Dexter laundry equipment.

DexterLive offers powerful laundromat technology even a kid can operate. Contact Western State Design today to speak with one of our vended laundry specialists and find out more about Dexter's commercial laundry technology and software.