Western State Design's Commercial Laundry Solutions

Since 1974, Western State Design (WSD) has provided innovative laundry solutions to meet clients' demands. WSD brings worldwide expertise to its customers, with clients and projects throughout North & South America, Europe, and Asia.

Passion, innovation, and a dedication to excellence are the hallmarks of WSD. Our unwavering commitment to both existing and new customers, and WSD's total solution approach, has enable us to become one of the world's largest companies in the laundry industry.

WSD provides laundry design & construction services, consulting, equipment sales, parts & service. Our team is passionate about identifying the products and solutions that will enable your business to operate more efficiently and profitably. Their training, experience, and expertise enables WSD to serve companies both large and small, domestically and internationally. Our recommendations are based on increasing your productivity, minimizing your labor and utility expenses, and maximizing your operating results! Our business solutions are tailored by industry to ensure that your business has the right equipment for the job!

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