In the following video, Coin Laundry Association President Brian Wallace describes how the time savings and convenience of a coin-op laundry is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for our busy lives. With ever-advancing technology in the design of coin-op laundry equipment, wash and dry times are being cut dramatically, especially compared to home washers and dryers. Wallace uses the example of the soccer mom, who based on statistics, spend seven to nine hours a week doing laundry. "If you're willing to market the business", says Wallace, "there's a great opportunity to bring them in."

Dexter's High Efficiency Express Washers and Dryers cut dry times by as much as 50%. These machines use less energy and complete wash/dry cycles in about an hour. Express washers boast a powerful 200G extraction force which means laundry retains less water and dries faster. A quick turnaround improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The new Dexter C-Series is its most powerful, smartest lineup yet. Applying cutting-edge technology, the C-Series arrives with innovative DexterLive controls and the web app, maximizing efficiency and revenue.

Dexter EXPRESS Coin Operated Washer Models:

Investing in Dexter EXPRESS coin-operated washers is an investment in the future of your business. Our express washers offer attractive and practical components. In addition to polished chrome doors and all AISI 304 stainless steel tops, front and side panels, Dexter washers feature commercial grade equipment components such as over-sized bearings and heavy duty bearing housings. When you choose our high performance washers, you're getting a product built to last! Save time and money with some of the best coin operated laundry machines available.

Dexter EXPRESS coin-operated washers have a variable frequency drive technology that helps reduce noise, improve performance and lower electrical usage. All of our washers are designed for maximum efficiency - you'll find our sump-less outer tub on each machine saves water on every cycle. EXPRESS washers feature a final spin speed of 200 G-Force, double the G-Force of non-EXPRESS models, which saves time, money and energy during the drying process. You'll be giving your customers added value with faster drying time, ensuring they'll come back to your store over and over again! Dexter EXPRESS washers are ready to take on the workload of even the most demanding self-service laundry operation, year after year and cycle after cycle.

All Dexter washers offer an emergency stop button for peace of mind. The audible signal as well as a 3-2-1 countdown prevents any errant activations, but still allows for stopping the cycle quickly in the event of an emergency.

Dexter Coin-Op Dryers and Stackable Units

Complement your Dexter EXPRESS washer with a coin-operated dryer. Looking for a powerful and efficient option but have limited space to work with? Browse our coin-op stackable washer and dryer combination for a powerful space saving solution.