WSD is proud to be the leading supplier of Dexter Laundry commercial washers and dryers in North America. For many years, we have been representing Dexter Laundry equipment because of its superior make quality and the company's commitment to providing its customers with the best vended and on-premise machines money can buy.

Reliable, durable and efficient, Dexter Laundry equipment holds up over time, providing an excellent return on investment. Whether you're managing a coin laundry or on-premise laundry operation, Dexter Laundry machines are the smart choice.

We supply two different lines of Dexter Laundry equipment for superior performance:

Dexter Vended/Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Choosing the best commercial washers and dryers to start or upgrade your coin laundry business is a tough decision. We have more than 40 years of experience helping helping legions of laundromat owners and investors achieve success in the vended/coin laundry business. Our experts can help walk you through the options:

Dexter On Premise O-Series Laundry Equipment

The innovative Dexter O-Series on-premise washers feature state-of-the-art controls and real time reporting that allow operations managers to finetune and closely manage their laundry operations. Dexter O-Series machines improve productivity and quality with easy-to-use industry-specific settings which include up to 100 programmable cycles and 20 programmable stages. Special cycles and heated models are available for applications where precision is critical.

The new O-Series controls will track and provide detailed management reports on cycle information:

  • Detailed lag time, idle time and downtime, by shift.
  • Cycle modifications
  • Wash temperature

Other features include:

  • Ease of Use. No need for training with pre-programmed cycles. Multi-lingual.
  • Heated Washers. Specific cycles to heat water to temperatures high enough to kill bacteria.
  • Reversing Dryers. Reduce dry times and avoid tangled bed linens.
  • Dryer Linen Moisture Detection. The dryers sense when a load is finished drying and ends the cycle. This reduces energy consumption, reduces labor costs and extends linen life.
  • Dryer Fire Response System. The system senses if there is a dryer fire and uses the dryer exhaust blower to remove air in the cylinder to suppress or extinguish the fire.
  • Industry-leading Warranty. And lifetime technical support from Dexter Laundry
  • Made in the U.S.A. Dexter has been manufacturing all of its equipment in Iowa for 125 years.
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