Whether you're considering investing in the commercial laundry business or you're looking to upgrade your existing laundromat equipment, we can help. With 50 years' experience, Western State Design has helped countless laundromat owners and operators achieve success in the commercial laundry business. Our commercial laundry experts can help you with every step of the process, from site selection and design to laundromat equipment purchase, installation, maintenance, and revenue analysis. Let us help you develop and equip your laundromat to stand out from your competition and maximize profits.

Dexter Laundry Equipment

Western State Design is proud to sell, install, and service Dexter Laundry Equipment for laundromats, helping operators achieve business success. For more than 125 years, Dexter has been producing a complete line of innovative, top-rated vended and coin-operated washers and dryers that are built-to-last and are a favorite with owners and customers alike. Employee-owned Dexter Laundry's products are made in the U.S.A. and are backed by an industry-leading warranty and lifetime technical support.

Dexter Laundry Equipment Features:

  • High-Efficiency Washers and Dryers wash and dry laundry faster while using less water, gas, and electricity so you can turnover more customers and reduce utility costs - a win-win for your bottom line.
  • DexterPay Mobile Payment App standard with all new Dexter laundromat equipment, simplifying washer and dryer use for customers and attendants.
  • DexterLive Management App allows you to manage your business from anywhere with equipment customization, real-time reporting and alerts, remote access, and customer service.

WSD Laundromat Services

Our laundromat experts are here to help. With our extensive industry knowledge and decades of experience, we'll help you go from concept to completion without surprises. Whether your project is new construction, renovation, or expansion, WSD will work with you from site selection and layout design through equipment installation and start-up to ensure that your store is fully operational.

Our laundry development offerings include:

  • Site Selection Due Diligence
  • Demographic Studies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Laundry Design Guidance
  • Construction Support
  • Operations Setup
  • Planning Your Grand Opening
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention


Laundromat FAQ

Choosing the right equipment mix for your laundromat can be a challenge. What is the best washer to dryer ratio? How many large-capacity machines should you include? Stackable or freestanding? There is no one-size-fits-all equipment mix; determining the ideal mix for your laundromat depends on your square footage, demographics, and even local competitors. Finding the right mix can be hard, but WSD can help. Our laundry experts know how to analyze your space to determine the ideal equipment mix to optimize your bottom line and keep customers coming back.

In the past, all laundromat equipment was coin-operated and relied on attendants and machines to provide correct change. However, as digital payment technology has advanced, so have laundromat payment options. Many customers nowadays prefer payment with cards or mobile applications, eliminating the need to carry cash. WSD offers laundromat equipment that can do both. With our high-tech laundromat equipment, you can attract and accommodate a range of customer preferences.

Yes, there are various ways to finance laundromat equipment. When you work with WSD, your dedicated laundry expert will help walk you through available financing and funding options to develop a plan that works with your goals.

From fluff-and-fold to laundry pickup and delivery, many laundromats are addressing opportunities in their neighborhoods to serve more customers and further increase profits. WSD's laundromat experts have seen it all and can help you analyze your market to determine the best value-added services to help your laundromat stand out from the competition.