Whether you are looking to build a new laundromat or enhance the profitability of an existing location, our vended and coin laundry experts can help guide your decision making. Western State Design has been helping operators and entrepreneurs develop successful laundromats for over 40 years.

From experienced operators to new investors, our laundry specialists can help you increase sales, reduce operating expenses, maximize profitability, and give your laundromat a competitive advantage. With extensive knowledge and industry experience, our commercial laundry experts can help you recognize and capitalize on industry trends to optimize your business operations and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Key business issues facing coin operators include:

  • Site selection due diligence
  • Negotiating a long-term lease that makes sense
  • How to attract customers to your coin op and keep them coming back?
  • What is the optimal size and mix of your commercial laundry equipment - particularly as it relates to the demographic of the community? You might be surprised by recent developments
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Coin vs. card or both?
  • Setting laundry vend prices
  • How to maximize the benefit from programmable laundry machines?
  • Loyalty programs - best practices
  • Which value-added services make sense for your market?
  • Planning and promoting your laundromat's grand opening
  • And more

Our Laundry Specialists will consult with you to answer these questions and more during our FREE In-store Check-up. We will provide a thorough analysis to help you determine the best solutions for ensuring that your store maximizes both its potential and your profit.