Dexter C-Series 30 lb. Capacity

The coin-operated Dexter washer T-400 series offers a triple load capacity for dry weight of 30 pounds (13.6 kg). Choose these energy efficient washers for your self-service laundromat.

The new C-Series is Dexter's most powerful, smartest lineup yet. Leading-edge technology has arrived with innovative DexterLive controls and the web app, maximizing efficiency and revenue.

Dexter T-400 Parts - Lookup & Order:

A Series Accessories
Cabinet and Front Panel Group
Chassis and Drain
Control Panel Part
Cylinder, Seals and Bearing Parts
Door Locks
Drain Valve Group
Drain Valve Group 50Hz Model
Electrical Components
Gear Motor Door Lock Assembly
Gear Motor Door Lock Assembly 50Hz Model
Kit Electronic Acceptor Conversion for WCAD (USA and Canada)
Labels and Diagrams All WCAD Models
Loading Door Hinge 180 Degree Opening
Loading Door Part
Optical Coin Acceptor
Parts 50Hz Models
Rear View Access Parts
Water Inlet and Rear Channel
Water Inlet Valve Breakdown
Water Inlet Valve Breakdown 50Hz Model
Wiring Harness Parts

Dexter T-400 Product Information:

Solutions to problems including: F1, F2, F8, F13, F15, F17, F19 fault codes (see manual - link below - for more). Water fill problems, leaks, coin counting, cylinder not turning, drain error, door lock error or unlocking problems, machine won't start, door handle problems, buzzing, faulty display, fuse/circuit breaker issues.

Programming & Service Videos
Dexter service videos covering basic repairs to laundry equipment to help minimize downtime in your coin-op laundromat. Topics include HOW TO’s for common Washer, Dryer, Stack Dryer and Coin Drop installation, programming, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

T-400 Vended Operators Manual
Installation and operating instructions including safety precautions and preventative maintenance requirements. Here’s where you will find a full list of washer fault codes as well as suggested solutions. Helpful schematics included.

T-400 Vended Specification Sheet
A list of standard features and options as well as complete model specifications.

C-Series Washer Programming
Includes instructions for both DexterLive and Manual Programming.

C-Series Preventative Maintenance

C-Series T-400 Mounting Dimensions

Parts Lookup
Find part #’s for your Dexter Commercial Coin-Op Washers and Dryers and related Equipment.

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