CBW® Batch Washers

For over 30 years, Milnor CBW batch washers with "Top-Transfer" have washed about 30-40% faster than batch washers using "Bottom-Transfer" designs. Milnor CBW washers with PulseFlow Technology wash even faster - reducing the number of modules needed to process a given capacity, reducing capital investment costs AND saving floor space! This is all possible with:

  • Standing Baths: Flow is paused at start of each cycle to create standing baths without dilution so chemicals work faster. Shorter process time means less wear on linen and longer linen life.
  • PulseFlow Counterflow: Counterflow water is pumped at high volume for the very last portion of the cycle. Vigorous flow removes contaminants much more quickly, thus reducing overall time.
  • Dual-Use in Each Module: All wash modules are used for two functions, standing bath and high-speed counterflow for faster, better rinsing. Dual-use needs fewer modules.
  • No Separate Rinse Modules: Rinsing occurs immediately after chemical action in each wash module. No separate rinse modules are required.
  • RecircONE®: A patent-pending feature recirculates water and chemistry at high-velocity within the first module. Goods are sluiced faster and more completely into the machine. Wet-down is almost instantaneous. Chemistry penetrates the linen instantly which is important for protein stains - Module One is now a working module.
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  • Custom made for the customer's specific needs
  • More modules give greater production
  • Mentor® control allows pre-determined temperature and chemical levels for each individual bath
  • Top transfer increases productivity and gives better control of chemicals
  • Superior cylinder design and double drum construction

Product Information:

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