Custom-Made Tunnel Washers for Industrial Laundries

Batch Washers, also known as Tunnel Washers, were first developed in the 1960's in order to help large laundry operations save water and energy while reducing labor costs. Since their advent, Milnor has revolutionized and advanced tunnel washer technology with its state-of-the-art CBW Pulseflow industrial washing machines, enabling even greater efficiency and enhanced wash outcomes.

Milnor CBW batch washers with "Top-Transfer" wash about 30-40% faster than batch washers using "Bottom-Transfer" designs. Milnor CBW industrial washers with PulseFlow Technology wash even faster - reducing the number of modules needed to process a given capacity, reducing capital investment costs AND saving floor space! This is all possible with:

  • Standing Baths: Flow is paused at start of each cycle to create standing baths without dilution so chemicals work faster. Shorter process time means less wear on linen and longer linen life.
  • PulseFlow Counterflow: Counterflow water is pumped at high volume for the very last portion of the cycle. Vigorous flow removes contaminants much more quickly, thus reducing overall time.
  • Dual-Use in Each Module: All wash modules are used for two functions, standing bath and high-speed counterflow for faster, better rinsing. Dual-use needs fewer modules.
  • No Separate Rinse Modules: Rinsing occurs immediately after chemical action in each wash module. No separate rinse modules are required.
  • RecircONE®: A patent-pending feature recirculates water and chemistry at high-velocity within the first module. Goods are sluiced faster and more completely into the machine. Wet-down is almost instantaneous. Chemistry penetrates the linen instantly which is important for protein stains - Module One is now a working module.
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  • Custom made for the customer's specific needs
  • More modules give greater production
  • Mentor® control allows pre-determined temperature and chemical levels for each individual bath
  • Top transfer increases productivity and gives better control of chemicals
  • Superior cylinder design and double drum construction