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With over 65 years of experience, Parker Boiler Co. is the largest, most successful manufacturer of steam boilers and hot water systems for the commercial laundry industry. The company has continually lived up to its motto of "never compromise for quality or safety”—a commitment that has earned Parker Boiler a worldwide reputation for having the best steam boilers, water heaters, and other hot water handling systems for commercial and on-premise facilities, including those found in hotels and resorts, correctional facilities, and hospitals.

Commercial Laundry Hot Water Systems From Parker Boiler

Western State Design partners with Parker Boiler as a distributor of hot water systems for the commercial laundry industry. Many Parker Boiler machines offer low NOx (nitrogen oxide) operation for reduced emissions and increased efficiency. Parker also provides a variety of accessories to help your on-premise or industrial laundry perform at its top level. Contact us today to learn how we can help you equip your commercial or industrial laundry facility with industry-leading products from Parker Boiler. 

Industrial Laundry Steam Boilers

When you need an industrial laundry steam boiler that will perform to the highest standards, look no further than Parker Boiler. Give your operation the agility it needs to meet a changing business landscape with Parker Boiler industrial laundry steam boilers.

  • Available in sizes from 1½ to 150 HP
  • Gas, propane, light oil, or combination gas/light oil firing
  • Choose from indoor and outdoor models
  • Option of premix metal fiber and low NOx operation

Boiler Feedwater Return Systems

Designed for your on-premise or industrial laundry service, Parker Boiler automatic feedwater and condensate return systems consist of a durable tank with automatic water make-up valve, suction stop valve, strainer, discharge check valve, and heavy duty boiler feed pump with motor. 

  • Fully assembled and ready to install 
  • Made from carbon steel or stainless steel 
  • Between 1½ and 450 HP
  • Perform at levels ranging from 15 to 250 PSI

Hot Water Boilers

Parker hot water boilers for on-premise and industrial laundry services are constructed with a flexible bent-steel water tube design for process heating. Like their automatic boiler systems, Parker's hot water boilers are also available in low NOx models.

  • Available in sizes from 300,000 to 6,800,000 BTU input
  • Straight or propane gas fired models
  • Up to 300 PSI and temperatures up to 400°F
  • Indoor and outdoor models available

Low NOx Systems

Parker Boiler’s low NOx systems use the company’s Premix Burner System Technology to provide an extremely efficient, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional industrial laundry burners.

  • Reduces your NOx output to 12 and 20 PPM at 3% O2 and reduces CO levels below 100 PPM
  • Choose from steam, hot water, and thermal fluid heaters
  • Uniform heat distribution over the entire heating surface

Thermal Fluid Heaters

Parker Boiler's Thermal Fluid Heaters for industrial laundries provide enough hot water to finish big jobs, and have it read when you need it.

  • Sizes from 126,000 to 6,250,000 BTU input
  • Choose from straight and propane gas fired models
  • Temperatures up to 650°F

Indirect Fired Water Heaters

For highly efficient equipment that can deliver water between 80°F and 190°F, a Parker Boiler indirect fired water heater for your industrial laundry will do the trick.

  • Available in sizes ranging from 300,000 to 3,000,000 BTU input
  • Straight or propane models
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • All bronze and copper heat transfer coil eliminates possibility of rust

Automatic Water Softeners

Parker Boiler's fiberglass automatic water softeners give your industrial laundry the high volume softened water you need to deliver perfectly clean linens without wreaking havoc on your machines.

  • Available in 45,000 grains to 750,000 grains softening capacity
  • Choose from single or dual arrangements

ASME Hot Water Storage Tanks

Once your hot water is produced, storing it efficiently is the next most important task. These ASME hot water storage tanks from Parker Boiler give your industrial laundry the advantage it needs by storing hot water with minimal loss of energy.

  • Available in tank sizes ranging from 4.6 to 2,950 gallons
  • Choose from glass- or steel-lined tanks

For all of your hot water and steam needs, Parker Boiler delivers the systems that will keep your on-premise and industrial laundry performing efficiently, with the confidence backed by an unrivaled standard of quality and safety.

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