Consolidated Laundry Machinery Inc. has been building high-quality industrial dryers and other innovative laundry machinery for over thirty years. CLM has lead the industry with the introduction of Low NOx technology, as well as building a reputation for providing top of the line heavy-duty, high-efficiency and high-productivity commercial laundry equipment. Located in Pomona, CA and with customers worldwide needing a variety of commercial and industrial laundry machinery solutions, CLM is the only US dryer manufacturer dedicated 100% to manufacturing industrial grade laundry dryers.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery offers a complete range of single-door and two-door pass-through tumble dryers, as well as steam heated and gas fired commercial and on-premise dryers. These industrial dryers can handle recommended capacities of 250 lbs. dry weight to 1200 lbs. dry weight and can tilt back or forward. CLM's industrial dryers can also be customized with a control panel (facilitating burner, blower and exhaust duct controls) on either side of the machine. Additional customizations ensure that CLM's industrial dryers will meet the needs and space of your on-premise or commercial laundry.

For versatile solutions which increase productivity and efficiency for your industrial or commercial laundry, while retaining a small footprint, Consolidated Laundry Machinery has you covered.

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