Consolidated Laundry Machinery

350 lb. Commercial Industrial Dryer

Consolidated Laundry Machinery customizes equipment to meet the specifications of the project. Dryers are configured as single-door or two-door and tilt forward, backward or two-way tilt.

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140 GP 350 lb. Industrial Gas Dryer

When you need the benefits of a larger capacity basket, but require a smaller footprint, this 140 cubic foot basket gas-powered industrial dryer will meet your demands. With enough capacity for 300 to 450 lbs. of dry linens, this gas-powered industrial dryer is only 120 inches wide, allowing for a minimum machine spacing of 156 inches. Round out the options with machine tilt, one and two door pass through, and PLC controlled heat with an average firing rate of 1,050,000 btu/hr, and you've got big machine performance in a smaller machine frame.

140 SP 350 lb. Industrial Steam Dryer

For a steam-powered industrial dryer that can dry 300 to 450 lbs. of dry linens, while maintaining a smaller footprint, look no further than the 140 cubic foot basket of our 140 SP. With cupro-nickel tubing, the three steam/air heat exchanger coils are PLC controlled for maximum performance. Choose your tilt and door options, as well as optional basket cleaning and outside air makeup for a tailored industrial dryer that meets your needs.

Made in California.

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