Consolidated Laundry Machinery

800 lb. Commercial Industrial Dryer

Consolidated Laundry Machinery customizes equipment to meet the specifications of the project. Dryers are configured as single-door or two-door and tilt forward, backward or two-way tilt.

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264 GP 800 lb. Industrial Gas Dryer

The 264 GP delivers an average firing rate of 1,400,000 btu/hr, enough power to dry 600-800 lbs. dry weight of linens, with the same 171 inch minimum dryer spacing as the 194 GP model. More drying power, and less space means you can produce more finished linens in less time. Choose from tilt, plus optional lint collector, basket cleaning and outside air make up to turn this gas-powered industrial dryer into a machine to help your business run more efficiently.

264 SP 800 lb. Industrial Steam Dryer

This steam-powered industrial dryer combines enough power to efficiently dry 600 - 800 lbs. dry weight of linens in a 264 cubic foot basket, with the space saving size that allows for a minimum dryer spacing of only 171 inches. Complete with PLC controls and a minimum 15 degree tilt, operating and loading/unloading this industrial dryer is simple and efficient. For a steam-powered industrial dryer that performs to the highest standards, look no further than the 264 SP.

Made in California.

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