Consolidated Laundry Machinery

450 lb. Commercial Industrial Dryer

Consolidated Laundry Machinery customizes equipment to meet the specifications of the project. Dryers are configured as single-door or two-door and tilt forward, backward or two-way tilt.

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165 GP 450 lb. Industrial Gas Dryer

The 165 cubic foot version of our gas-powered industrial dryer delivers an average firing of 1,700,000 btu/hr to dry 450 lbs. of dry weight linens. With PLC heat control, one and two door pass through, tilt, cleaner basket, and stainless steel lint trap options, this mid-sized industrial dryer gives you the drying capacity you need, while allowing for 162 inch minimum dryer spacing.

165 SP 450 lb. Industrial Steam Dryer

For a steam-powered industrial dryer with a 165 cubic foot basket that can dry 450 lbs. dry weight of linens, this dryer gets the job done. Featuring cupro-nickel tubing on three steam/air heat exchanger coils, and PLC heating controls, this steam-powered industrial dryer delivers big machine drying in a 162 inch minimum dryer spacing size.

Made in California.

Product Information:

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