Must-Have Hotel Laundry Equipment

Having the right equipment in your hotel laundry room can make a noticeable difference in your linen cleanliness and quality, to satisfy guests with fresh, fluffy towels and bedding. Regardless of size, B&Bs and resorts can benefit from an investment in the right commercial hotel washers and dryers or ironing and finishing tools. These 5 pieces of equipment are must-haves for any hospitality business’s laundry room:

Commercial Washing Machines

commercial washing machines for hotel laundry roomsHotel guests expect clean sheets, duvets, pillowcases, and towels that feel soft and luxurious. Commercial washing machines are necessary to meet this expectation and properly serve your business’s needs. Commercial washers have large capacities and are designed to operate at a near-constant rate to keep up with demanding workloads. Their innovative wash technology and mechanics consistently provide a reliable clean for nearly any linen type, from employee uniforms to thick fabric curtains or delicate linen napkins. Western State Design offers countless options to suit any hospitality business, from space-saving stackable equipment for small bed and breakfasts to custom-made batch washers ideal for modest hotels and large resorts. 


Commercial Dryers

commercial dryers for hotel laundry roomsCommercial dryers are essential equipment for hotels, quickly and efficiently drying large loads of bulky linens while keeping towels, sheets, duvets, and more in top condition. These dryers feature advanced technology to provide consistent, quality performance, like sensors that stop a cycle as soon as a predetermined moisture level is reached. This prevents residual dampness—a common cause of musty, dense-feeling linens—and protects the integrity of the fabric from breaking down and fraying or tearing from overdrying. Commercial dryers also have anti-wrinkle reverse tumbling and standby tumbling to evenly dry large loads while preventing creases from setting in. Fewer wrinkles reduces wear-and-tear from ironing or steaming while producing smooth, crisp sheets and tablecloths. Like washers, there are many commercial dryer designs and capacities to choose from: Consult with a Western State Design expert to find the best dryer to accommodate your hotel laundry facility.


Commercial Ironing & Finishing Equipment

commercial ironing and finishing equipment for hotel laundry roomImpressing hotel guests with crisp sheets, wrinkle-free window coverings, and precisely folded towels requires the right finishing equipment. That’s why large and small hospitality operations alike rely on Chicago Dryer ironing and finishing equipment. One machine that can help a laundry room of any size is a folder and stacker: This gives your towels, napkins, and other linens a uniform, neat look while requiring significantly less manual labor, saving time and money. Commercial ironing equipment is also ideal for pressing sheets, tablecloths, napkins, and other linens efficiently. These irons provide consistent heat which results in faster processing, thereby helping to reduce wear-and-tear on linens. Choose machines individually or contact Western State Design for all-in-one recommendations to scale your functionality. 

Laundry Room Accessories

While hotel laundry rooms may function without certain accessories, they make workloads easier and can significantly improve efficiency. We recommend the following commercial laundry accessories: 

    • Laundry Carts: Carts are handy for transporting and staging clean or soiled laundry.
    • Commercial Scale: Scales are ideal for measuring linens for accurate cycle capacities as well as inventory counts.
    • Valet Laundry Equipment: If offering valet laundry services, you’ll need garment bags, tags, sorting tables/area and hangers; specialty finishing equipment (e.g. steamer, small iron) may be needed to properly press items as guests request.
    • Tables/Shelving: Tables or shelving keep clean linen organized and separated by type to show inventory levels at-a-glance.
    • Air Filters: Air filters, such as LintBuster by Chicago Dryer, can eliminate lint, dust, and contaminants from the air to keep clean laundry lint-free and prevent cross-contamination. 
    • Auxiliary Equipment: These are usually needed in larger commercial laundry rooms and may include a combination of conveyors and bridges to transfer sorted or stacked laundry throughout your process. 

Optional: Hotel Washers & Dryers for Guest Laundry

coin laundry equipment for hotel guestsWhen offering guest-operated laundry, Dexter’s coin-operated machines are must-have pieces of equipment. Not only are these machines easy for guests to use, but they provide a satisfactory wash and dry, and offer an added source of revenue for hotels. Select from standalone or stacked designs to suit your facility space and meet your guests’ needs. With built-in DexterLive Control technology, you can upsell premium wash cycles and take advantage of promotion opportunities to maximize your revenue. Mobile payments using DexerPay app offer cashless payment options which can improve users’ experiences and reduce the need for change machines in your hotel. 


Must-Have Hotel Laundry Equipment

Now that you know what equipment you need for your hotel, it’s time to start shopping. Check out the best commercial laundry equipment for every segment or contact the experts at Western State Design. We have industry knowledge and solutions to help you select the capacity and features to improve your operations and keep your guests satisfied.