Efficient, User-Friendly Drying and Pressing

Commercial ironers from Chicago Dryer are packed with efficiency-boosting features to help save you time and money. With patented features, such as the fully-programmable CHI-Touch controls and the Eagle Eye touchless temperature system, these machines eliminate temperature fluctuations to provide accurate and consistent heat, resulting in linens that are dried and pressed, fast. 

Chicago Ironers are built with heavy duty components to withstand high temperatures and constant use. They are also designed with a focus on operator safety, featuring a variety of innovative sensors and fail-safes. These machines integrate seamlessly with feeding and folding machines for a fully-automated and highly optimized laundry operation.

When you need ironing machines for your commercial laundry facility, the experts at WSD can help. Our highly knowledgeable salespeople can guide you through the benefits and features of each Chicago Dryer ironing product to help find the best fit for your facility. 



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Commercial Laundry Ironing Products from Chicago Dryer:

  • Breeze: Small, 13" heated roll with atmospheric natural burner.
  • Cadet: Small, 12 3/4" diameter heated roll with oversized cylinder for larger items.
  • Century: Multi-roll modular ironer, high speed performance aided by intelligent displays.
  • Comet Executive: Small, 14" heated roll ironing machine.
  • Imperial - 1 Roll: Imperial series offering 700m to 1500mm - the largest ironing surve available in flatwork finishing.
  • Imperial - 2 Roll: Imperial series, provides high quality two sided ironing.
  • Laser Line: Mid-range ironing machines, from 330mm to 600mm, featuring Chicago's Eagle Eye touchless temperature control.
  • Laser+ Series: Enhanced control for specialty fabrics
  • Presstige: Imperial series, perfect for saving space, the newest addition to Chicago's lineup.
  • Powerhouse: Multi-roll, self-contained- thermal fluid deep chest ironing machine is an all inclusive super unit.
  • Powerhouse Hi-Q: Deep chest ironer with extended length conveyor.
  • Titan: Multi-roll, high production ironing machine with fully sectionalized exhaust canopy and expansion options.