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Commercial Laundry Ironing Machines

Which on-premise and commercial laundry ironers remove more water from more pounds of wet linen around the world than any other? Chicago Dryer's commercial ironing equipment—including the Century, Powerhouse, Titan and Laser ironing lines do, of course. Choose from gas, thermal fluid, steam and electrically heated commercial ironers in a variety of roll diameters and lengths producing as much as 2,200 pounds of finished linen per hour.

Packed with features, Chicago Dryer's commercial ironing equipment delivers the functions and efficiency you demand. Chicago Dryer's patented Eagle Eye touchless temperature system eliminates mechanical contact shoes, high temperature limit switches and temperature fluctuations in gas heated systems, caused by excessive wear or lint/wax buildup. No matter the size of the job or the space, Chicago Dryer's commercial ironing equipment will meet your needs.

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Chicago Dryer Laundry Ironing Products

  • Breeze: Small, 13" heated roll with atmospheric natural burner.
  • Comet Executive: Small, 14" heated roll ironing machine.
  • Cadet: Small, 12 3/4" diameter heated roll with oversized cylinder for larger items.
  • Laser Line: Mid-range ironing machines, from 330mm to 600mm, featuring Chicago's Eagle Eye touchless temperature control.
  • Imperial - 2 Roll: Imperial series, provides high quality two sided ironing.
  • Imperial - 1 Roll: Imperial series offering 700m to 1500mm - the largest ironing surve available in flatwork finishing.
  • Presstige: Imperial series, perfect for saving space, the newest addition to Chicago's lineup.
  • Century: Multi-roll modular ironer, high speed performance aided by intelligent displays.
  • Powerhouse: Multi-roll, self-contained- thermal fluid deep chest ironing machine is an all inclusive super unit.
  • Titan: Multi-roll, high productoin ironing machine with fully sectionalized exhaust canopy and expansion options.