Quick, Accurate Folding and Stacking


Fold and stack linen accurately and with ease with commercial and on-premise laundry folders and stackers from Chicago Dryer. With a diverse line of folding and stacking equipment, these machines are designed to suit the needs of any commercial laundry operation, no matter the job or amount of floor space.

Choose from convenient features like automatic fold selection for sheets, tablecloths, blankets, pillowcases, napkins, and other linens, and Air Induced Response technology that accurately folds a wide variety of linens. These machines also integrate seamlessly with ironers for a fully automated finishing system. If you need help selecting the best folding and stacking equipment for your facility, WSD can help. Our experienced Laundry Experts can help determine the best products to optimize your facility and streamline your commercial laundry operation.

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Commercial Laundry Folding and Stacking Products from Chicago Dryer

Chicago Dryer offers folding and stacking equipment designed for a wide range of linens and facilities. Choose from folding, stacking, or combination models:

  • Air Chicago Series: Offers a flexible air induced folding system for small pieces.
  • Aircumulator Solo: Small piece stacker for napkins, pillowcases, aprons, and other flat items.
  • Aircumulator Trio: Receives, counts and stacks flat small pieces from a flatwork ironer
  • ATM2: Automatic “Hands-Free” washcloth separator and stacker.
  • Blanket Blaster Series: State of the art cornerless blanket feeding/folding/stacking system.
  • Carousell: Receives, counts, and stacks items from high production small piece flatwork finishing lines.
  • Flipper CT: Simple high-speed half-folder/stacker for flat or half folded small articles such as face cloths, wiper cloths, and shop towels.
  • Skyline CT: High-speed flatwork system designed for folding, cross-folding, and stacking.
  • Skyline Blanket CT: Folds tumble-dried or ironed bedspreads, sheets, and bath and thermal blankets.
  • Skyline Mini CT: Versatile single-operator folder for tumble dried items with a small footprint.
  • Skyline SP CT: Multi-lane small- and medium-item folder that can perform different folds in each lane, simultaneously. 
  • Versa: Folds and stacks garments for Hospitality, Healthcare, and Workwear goods.