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Commercial Laundry Folding Machines

Fold and stack linen accurately and with ease with Chicago Dryer's commercial and on-premise laundry folders and stackers. Chicago Dryer offers a diverse line of folding and stacking equipment, tailored to the needs of every on-premise and commercial laundry operation, no matter the job or amount of floor space.

Packed with features like automatic selection of correct folds for sheets, tablecloths, blankets, pillowcases and napkins, the Skyline series offers laundry owners what they need and want in a commercial folding machines. The Air Chicago series takes advantage of the Air Induced Response technology to accurately fold all types of laundry and comes in a variety of sizes, including the Triple sorting version, the quality towel folder Air Chicago Express, and the Slim model for aprons. Check all Chicago Dryer lines of commercial folders and stackers to discover which machines are right for your commercial or on-premise laundry operation.

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Chicago Dryer Laundry Ironing Products

  • Air Chicago Series: Offers a flexible air induced folding system for small pieces.
  • Blanket Blaster: State of the art cornerless blanket feeding/folding/stacking system.
  • Skyline Series: High-speed flatwork system designed for folding, cross-folding, and stacking.
  • Skyline Mini: Versatile single-operator folder for tumble dried items with a small footprint.