Hands-Free Automated Laundry Feeding

Commercial laundry spreading and feeding machines from Chicago Dryer help align and present sheets, towels, tablecloths, and other linens for easier processing through ironing and folding equipment. By accurately automating this step, commercial laundry operations can reduce labor requirements while increasing operational efficiency, saving both time and money. 

Not only are Chicago Dryer’s laundry feeders efficient, but they’re also reliable and easy to operate. With patented CHI microprocessors, each model features integrated control and diagnostic functions without maintenance-intense mechanical parts. The result: Reliable equipment that nearly anyone can operate and maintain. When you need to smooth out the process of feeding your on-premise or commercial ironing and folding equipment, Chicago Dryer’s automatic feeding and spreading machines can get the job done.

The Laundry Experts at WSD have decades of experience helping laundry customers design efficient and effective equipment layouts, featuring feeding machines from Chicago Dryer. Contact us to learn how we can help optimize your on-premise laundry today.


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Commercial Laundry Spreading and Feeding Products from Chicago Dryer:

  • Easi-Feed II: Built-in feeding aid for deep chest ironers.
  • Edge: High-quality automated feeding.
  • Edge Maxx CT: The world's fastest spreader feeder.
  • Edge Tri-Maxx: Faster cycle speed and higher storage capacity.
  • FasTrack: High speed, precision spreading for laydown prep.
  • Flex-Feed: Versatile two-station spreader feeder.
  • Genesis: Automatic towel feeding machine.
  • King Edge CT: Cornerless two target loading, auto lift, and other versatility options.
  • King Edge Vac CT: Now with vacuum chamber adding to top tier quality.
  • O.P.L.: Ergonomically engineered complete spreader feeder.
  • Rapid Feed CT: Compact, speedy vacuum feeder.
  • Rollerfeed: Operator feeding aid streamlining sheets, large linen, tableware.
  • Skyfeed: Unique and compact design.
  • Turbo King Edge Vac Ct: Designed for finer luxury linen applications.