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Commercial Laundry Feeding Machines

Save labor and time in your on-premise or commercial laundry with Chicago Dryer's Edge automatic spreading and feeding equipment. These spreading and feeding machines provide accurate, high volume presentation of sheets and table linen into flatwork ironing and folding equipment. Designed by Chicago Dryer to simplify linen movements and eliminate maintenance-intense mechanical parts, Chicago Dryer's CHI microprocessor makes floor staff and maintenance staff's jobs easier with integrated control and diagnostic functions. When you need to smooth out the process of feeding your on-premise or commercial ironing and folding equipment, Chicago Dryer's automatic feeding and spreading machines deliver.

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Chicago Dryer Laundry Feeding Products

  • Edge: High quality automated feeding.
  • Edge Maxx: The world's fastest spreader feeder.
  • King Edge CT: Cornerless two target loading, auto lift, and other versatility options.
  • King Edge Vac CT: Now with vacuum chamber adding to top tier quality.
  • FasTrack: High speed, precision spreading for laydown prep.
  • Flex-Feed: Versatile two-station spreader feeder.
  • OPL: Ergonomically engineered complete spreader feeder.
  • Rapid Feed: Compact, speedy vacuum feeder.
  • Easi-Feed II: Built-in feeding aid for deep chest ironers.
  • Rollerfeed: Operator feeding aid streamlining sheets, large linen, tableware.
  • Edge Ultra Maxx: Dual input, high production cornerless spreader.