When you’re investing in commercial laundry equipment for your on-premise laundry operation, you demand the best. However, with so many reputable and reliable manufacturers, it is nearly impossible to name one single brand as offering the best commercial laundry equipment. Instead, consider a variety of factors, from energy efficiency to advanced technology, in order to determine which make and model is best suited for your specific needs. The experts at Western State Design represent some of the most trusted commercial laundry equipment manufacturers on the market, and with our decades of experience, we have the knowledge to help you find the best products for your on-premise laundry operation.  


Types of Laundry Equipment

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are actually some significant differences between “commercial” and “industrial” laundry equipment. Since both options are suitable for various on-premise laundry applications, it is important to first understand the distinction so you can narrow down your choices appropriately.

Commercial Washers and Dryers

Commercial washers and dryers are designed to accommodate businesses with moderate volume laundry needs, such as spas and salons, fitness centers, veterinarian offices, and even some bed and breakfasts or small-scale hotels and motels. These machines have relatively small footprints, with stacked units available, so they’re ideal for businesses where space is a concern. Capacities range from 25 pounds to over 90 pounds of dry linens per load, so they can easily handle anything from towels and tablecloths to sheets and comforters. 

Industrial Washers and Dryers

Industrial laundry equipment is designed for businesses that produce massive amounts of soiled linens each day as well as those that have stringent sanitation requirements, like hospitals, nursing homes, and large-scale hotels. These machines have extreme volume capacities, processing up to 700 pounds of dry linens per load, and have larger footprints as a result. Generally, if you are considering industrial laundry equipment for your on-premise facility, you should have a dedicated laundry room and laundry staff to manage operations and stay on top of demand.  

Laundry Finishing Equipment

Finishing equipment automates many of the most labor-intensive aspects of operating an on-premise laundry room, and can be compatible with both commercial and industrial laundry equipment. Smaller businesses might opt for machinery to efficiently iron large quantities of napkins and tablecloths, while larger operations may automate everything from separating and feeding the laundry into the washing machine to pressing, ironing, folding, and stacking clean sheets, towels, duvets, and more. 

The Best Commercial Washer and Dryer Brands

As experts in the commercial laundry industry, Western State Design carefully vets each manufacturer that we support. Our recommendations for the best and most-trusted commercial laundry equipment in 2022 are:


Pellerin Milnor began as a family business in 1947. Since the creation of their first 20-inch extractor, they’ve continued to create innovative laundry equipment that’s designed to increase profitability with features to reduce labor, linen replacement, and utility costs. Milnor offers a variety of rigid-mount and suspended commercial washer-extractors and standalone or stacked dryers with a variety of innovative features, including:
  • Patented MilTouch® controls that allow businesses to fine-tune, modify, and pre-program custom cycles to suit specific load requirements, and allow operators to easily and reliably select the correct cycle for each load.
  • RinSave® water saver, which uses up to 0.4 gallons less water per pound of linen than competitors and employs a precise G-force to remove wash liquid, reducing the number of rinse cycles to save time, decrease utilities, and reduce dry time. 
  • Advanced equipment design, with features like larger cylinder perforations to facilitate better wash liquid saturation and extraction, integrated high ribs that help prevent laundry from catching and snagging, and optimal airflow to help ensure linens are dried quickly and efficiently, eliminating dryer holds. 
  • Rear-placed chemical injectors that keep harmful chemicals away from equipment operators for added safety. 
  • Smart Lint Monitor that requires the operator to clean the lint drawer after a set number of cycles, and optional built-in Fire Suppression Systems that automatically detect abnormal temperature increases and work to protect against fire damage

American Dryer Corp.

Established in the 1960s, American Dryer Corporation (ADC) has been committed to producing premium commercial and industrial dryers with a focus on innovation and reliability. With various product lines to suit your on-premise drying needs, choose from the AD-Series, which features rugged designs and simple controls, the iSeries, with cutting-edge technology for more advanced operations,and the EcoDry series, which puts energy-efficiency at the forefront of operations. With capacities ranging from 20 lbs to 170 lbs, ADC dryers are renowned for their unique features, including:

  • Simple controls and extra large doors for easier loading and unloading.
  • Innovative design, with trans-axial airflow inside a sealed basket and reversing drums for more efficient drying. 
  • Self-cleaning lint screens for ease of operation (iSeries).
  • Optional patented Automatic Airflow Compensator (AAFC), which automatically compensates for high static pressure caused by airflow restrictions, and Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing (S.A.F.E.) System, the only fire protection system that activates during operation or in idle state, for added safety and peace of mind (iSeries). 
  • Flexible operation, with models compatible with either gas or electric power. 

Dexter Laundry

The Dexter brand has stood the test of time, with over a century of experience crafting state-of-the-art commercial laundry equipment. This employee-owned company produces products that are designed and manufactured entirely in the USA, and backs each piece of equipment with lifetime technical support as well as industry-leading warranties. Dexter’s O-Series line of commercial washers and dryers is designed for on-premise laundry operations, with innovative features and functions including:
  • Programmable controls that allow you to customize cycle settings for easy selection and reliable results every time. 
  • Energy-efficiency, with electronic sensors to set water levels and avoid overfilling drums, powerful extraction speeds that effectively remove more moisture and reduce dry times, and moisture-detection sensors to ensure appropriate dry times, every time. 
  • Real-time reporting that provides reliable operation data, allowing businesses to finetune their operations and achieve greater efficiency. 
  • Rugged construction, with heavy-duty components and the signature 100 hour out-of-balance test to ensure each Dexter commercial washer and dryer can withstand constant abuse and continue to show up to work. 

The Best Industrial Washer and Dryer Brands


When it comes to industrial laundry operations, customization is the key to success. That’s why Milnor offers CBW® Batch Washers that are custom-designed and built for each customer's specific industrial laundry needs. With a set of highly efficient and advanced modules, each on-premise laundry operation benefits from the ideal configuration of rinse cycles, extraction cycles, and more. Some of the most unique Milnor industrial batch washer features include:

  • Single-operator controls, requiring only a single attendant to operate the entire hands-free system, thus saving on labor costs. 
  • Patented PulseFlow rinsing technology optimizes the laundry process by reducing water and energy consumption, improving wash chemical penetration, and dramatically reducing wash times. 
  • Shorter processing times and tear-free equipment designs to extend linen life and reduce operating costs.
  • Custom configurations that optimize the laundry process while delivering enhanced cleaning and sanitizing abilities to meet any facility’s requirements.  

Consolidated Laundry Machinery

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) is located in Pomona, CA. With customers worldwide, CLM is the only US dryer manufacturer dedicated 100% to manufacturing industrial grade laundry dryers. CLM focuses on large-capacity industrial laundry equipment, including the 105-Series dryers which quickly and powerfully dry 250 pounds of laundry with gas or steam. CLM dryers are designed to save labor and utilities for efficient performance for even the largest loads with features, such as:

  • Efficient heating controls to accurately maintain the designated temperature and cross-axis airflow for optimal air penetration to dry loads more quickly, reducing utility and labor costs.
  • Customizable MicroCommand™ III PLC touch-screen controls, featuring 96 custom program combinations, optional automatic load and unload controls, and self-diagnostic capabilities to immediately alert operators of issues and reduce unnecessary equipment downtime. 
  • Basket turning and reversing system that is uniquely located outside the heated chamber for a longer life and easier access.
  • Configuration flexibility, with a variety of single-door and two-door pass-through tumble dryers. 

American Dryer Corporation

American Dryer Corporation (ADC) offers four large-capacity dryers designed for industrial-scale laundry operations. Among these is the AD-464, which is often considered the benchmark for large-capacity, high-performing industrial dryers, with a 175 cubic foot basket that can process four loads of terry towels per hour. Whichever industrial dryer model you choose, you can expect the following features from your ADC industrial dryer:
  • Various door and tilt configurations for ease of loading and unloading.
  • Easy access to key electrical and pneumatic components for simpler maintenance and repairs.
  • Patented microprocessor-controlled drying system to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. 

Best On-Premise Laundry Finishing Equipment

Chicago Dryer

Chicago Dryer specializes in finishing equipment to separate, iron, and fold clean linens. This equipment helps automate labor-intensive aspects of the laundry operation, from sorting steaming linens to pressing and folding them. Compatible with both commercial and industrial laundry operations, finishing equipment from Chicago Dryer features:

  • Advanced controls, including displays that provide a diagrammed view of any equipment jams for easy resolution, and electronic sensors that stop operation upon detection of a foreign object. 
  • Automated advancement, reducing repetitive motion stress for staff.
  • Single operator controls to process large volumes of linens with minimal labor costs.
  • Simplified designs to perform tasks with fewer moving parts, thereby reducing maintenance requirements. 
Whether you need commercial washers, industrial dryers, or laundry finishing equipment, when you’re investing in the best commercial laundry equipment, it only makes sense to pair it with the best commercial distributor: Western State Design. We’ll help you evaluate your needs for upgrading your equipment with any of our industry-leading commercial washing machines, dryers, or finishing equipment. Request a quote today to learn how to properly equip your commercial on-premise laundry.