LG commercial laundry equipment is engineered for optimal performance in multi-housing facilities, from apartments, dorms, and retirement communities to hotel guest laundry. Choose reliable, durable, small chassis LG commercial washers and dryers for your communal laundry room and enjoy quiet and efficient operation and long lifespans.

In place of the traditional belt-and-pulley design, LG multi-housing laundry equipment is made with the company’s Inverter Direct Drive technology, in which the drum attaches directly to the motor via a multi-heat treated shaft that protects against wear and tear. This design is not only ultra durable, reliable, and efficient, saving approximately 25% electricity. It also incorporates fewer parts, so you’ll also be faced with less frequent repairs in the long run. 

Consider these other key features of LG commercial washers and dryers: 

  • Attractive, Clean Look: Powder-coated stainless steel exterior resists rust and corrosion and stands up to marks and dings, so it stays looking fresh and clean, even after heavy use.
  • Flexible Installation: Install LG machines side-by-side or stacked to suit your space. Stacking equipment hardware is sold separately.
  • Efficient Design: Efficient ENERGY STAR–rated LG commercial washers feature drums that are tilted at 10°, which naturally raises the water level for reduced water consumption overall. An atomizing twin spray provides rapid water supply for quicker loads and improved performance.
  • Quiet Operation: A gyro-balancing system results in low noise and less vibration for LG commercial equipment, which is ideal in multi-housing buildings where residents live near laundry facilities.
  • Easy Maintenance: Removable front panels on LG commercial washers and dryers make for easy maintenance—and reduced downtime when repairs and service are necessary. 
  • Multiple Payment Options: LG commercial washers and dryers are compatible with coin and card payment methods, so you can choose whichever approach works best with your strategy.

Shop LG commercial laundry equipment with Western State Design and enjoy the benefits that come with decades of expertise, from superior knowledge to exceptional customer service and skilled maintenance. Contact us today to learn more.

LG Commercial Laundry Equipment:

  • LG Giant C Washer
    Standard Capacity: 3.7 cu. ft. 
    Extract Speed: 449 Gs
    Dimensions (in.): 27 x 38.7 x 30.2
  • LG Giant C Dryer
    Standard Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft.
    Dimensions (in.): 27 x 38.7 x 30.1
    Sensor dry
  • LG Titan Washer
    Large Capacity: 5.2 cu. ft. 
    Extract Speed: 327 Gs
    Dimensions (in.): 29 x 40.8 x 32
  • LG Titan Dryer
    Large Capacity: 9.0 cu. ft.
    Dimensions (in.): 29 x 40.2 x 42.9