Dexter C-Series

T-50X2 Coin-Operated Stack Dryer

50 lb. capacity

To maximize the use of space in your self-service laundromat, the Dexter Express Coin-Operated Stack Washer and Dryers are a great choice. The stacked dryers use less electricity and gas, allowing the dryer to complete its cycle more quickly. These Dexter coin-operated laundry dryers are designed to increase turnover and improve your laundromat's profitability.

The new C-Series is Dexter's most powerful, smartest lineup yet. Leading-edge technology has arrived with innovative DexterLive controls and the web app, maximizing efficiency and revenue.

Additional features include: a new, improved spider, shaft and bearing assembly; a lint-free computer and coin-drop area, and easier access to heat chambers and burner housings for simplified cleaning.

New Option! Reversing Dryer. The wise folks at Dexter know that drying bedding and extra-large loads can be a time-consuming process. That's why they developed a faster, more efficient option for this dryer model. The new 50 lb. stacked dryer with a reversing cylinder changes the tumbling direction to reduce tangling. This can cut dry times, save energy, and make the laundry experience more pleasant for your customers. As we all know, happy customers are repeat customers.

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Reversing Commercial Dryer