Dexter C-Series

T-30x2 Coin-Operated Stack Dryer

30 lb. capacity

To maximize the use of space in your self-service laundromat, the Dexter Express Coin-Operated Stack Washer and Dryers are a great choice. The stacked dryers use less electricity and gas, allowing the dryer to complete its cycle more quickly. These Dexter coin-operated laundry dryers are designed to increase turnover and improve your laundromat's profitability.

The new C-Series is Dexter's most powerful, smartest lineup yet. Leading-edge technology has arrived with innovative DexterLive controls and the web app, maximizing efficiency and revenue.

Additional features include: a new, improved spider, shaft and bearing assembly; a lint-free computer and coin-drop area, and easier access to heat chambers and burner housings for simplified cleaning.

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