It’s not surprising that “clean laundromat near me” is a common internet search among people looking for coin-operated laundry. The general public is focused on health and safety, particularly in the seemingly unending reality of COVID-19 and other viral diseases when people are on high-alert for health and safety missteps. To get your laundromat on the “safe” list, you’ll need to earn your customers’ trust. Read on for quick fixes and long-term enhancements to achieve a clean, sanitary laundromat that reassures returning customers and attracts new business. 

Improve Visual Appeal

Putting extra effort into the visual charm of your business is a must for building customers’ trust in your sanitation standards. While the aesthetic appeal of your laundromat doesn't actually translate to cleanliness, it conveys the appearance of such. Improve your space with coordinated décor, matching seating, bright lights, fresh paint, and matching stainless steel equipment. Replace cracked floor tiles, repair banged up walls, and consider updating mismatched or outdated machines. Many of our clients prefer Dexter’s stainless steel vended laundry equipment which can withstand constant abuse to project a clean, modern appearance for years. 

To improve the actual cleanliness of your store, hire an attendant. Having someone on hand to address daily concerns and provide intermittent cleaning goes a long way with customers. Don’t neglect your restrooms, the attendant counter, and entry vestibule in your updates either; these high-traffic areas should look and feel as clean and sanitary as the rest of your laundromat.

Reduce Customer Touch Points

Buttons, knobs, and coins are generally regarded as some of the dirtiest items we come in contact with every day. Fortunately, laundromat customers can now wash and dry their loads without touching a single coin or knob. Implementing digital apps for customers to pay for laundry loads using their mobile phones means they can reduce their public touch points. Explore options for digital cycle selection and payment processing, like the DexterPay mobile app, to satisfy customers who are averse to handling change or touching machine buttons. Further automate your laundromat and reduce contact with hands-free motion sensor doors, automatic sink faucets in your restrooms or scrub tubs, and vending machines that accept credit cards or mobile app payments. 

Maintain Equipment

Nothing loses a customer’s confidence faster than a laundromat full of broken equipment and out-of-order signs. Keep patrons’ perceptions positive with well-maintained washers, dryers, carts, furniture, and vending machines. A squeaky washer drum, cracked chair, and lopsided laundry cart may seem like small things to focus on, but many of these seemingly insignificant factors contribute to the big picture of your business. Adopt a preventative maintenance schedule for your laundry equipment and keep common wear-and-tear parts on hand to reduce machine downtime. Some outages are unavoidable, but quick restoration is key. Whether the fix is large or small, a satisfactory response time and proactive measures reinforces your commitment to safety and reassures customers that you care. Partner with a reputable laundromat equipment provider, like Western States Design, for commonly needed parts and repair services to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Replace Outdated Equipment

If your machines are outdated, smell musty, and look worn, it’s time to upgrade to new equipment. Walking into a fresh smelling laundromat and seeing a bank of shiny, new washers puts customers’ concerns at ease quickly. While equipment is a costly investment, Dexter washers feature polished chrome doors and stainless steel tubs that continue looking new—and sanitary—after years of use. New equipment also has improved detergent dispensers that are easier to use with less spills, further maintaining your store’s clean appearance.

Implement Premium Sanitizing Services

Equipment upgrades that promote cleaner laundry are a huge bonus for health-conscious laundromat users. Not only do your customers appreciate these more-sanitary options, but you can use your premium offerings as upsell opportunities. ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System and DexterLive Laundry Management Systems are two upgrades that provide enhanced sanitation options. The Ozone Laundry System utilizes O3 gas to kill bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses while eliminating cross-contamination from one load to the next. DexterLive Plus digitally prompts customers with premium upgrade options for hotter wash temperatures and longer wash or rinse cycles, which help satisfy customers’ needs for enhanced sanitation measures.

Improve Social Distance & Sanitation

Many laundromats provide extras to improve customers’ experiences including television or free wi-fi, but don’t overlook the importance of providing amenities geared toward health and safety. These extras can be as simple as hand sanitizer stations or complimentary wipes for the laundry carts. Make sure your patrons have enough space to distance themselves from others. Consider advanced technology, like the DexterPay system, that provides real-time updates on laundry cycle progress so the customer can step outside or sit in the car while waiting for their load to finish.

Educate Employees & Customers

Once you’ve implemented your strategy for keeping patrons safe, it’s time to communicate your improvements to employees and customers. If you’ve adopted the Ozone Wash System, proudly share that information with your customers through signage, social media, and other communications. If you’ve made a full-sweeping change, consider a grand reopening to help get the word out and get new customers into your store. This rebrands your store as safety conscious and invites prospective customers to give your laundromat a second look. Make sure your staff are knowledgeable about any changes and can confidently answer questions about Ozone laundry equipment, DexterPay digital cycle management, and other upgrades. Signage is an easy way to post safety reminders and provide tips for getting the most sanitary wash, which will likely lead to additional cycle upsell opportunities.

Use these tips to keep your business populated and profitable despite current health scares and wary clientele. Building your customers’ trust in your business will keep them coming back, and your health and safety enhancements, upgraded technology, and sanitary equipment will attract new customers too. Contact a WSD Laundry Specialist to learn more about Dexter machines, ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems, or to inquire about DexterLive Laundry Management today.