Dexter commercial laundry equipment can be outfitted with innovative technology features that help you optimize your operations and maximize profits. DexterLive and Dexter Pay not only allow you to utilize app- and card-based payment options but also to collect data that can give you a strategic advantage over competitors. These tech tools offer valuable information you can analyze to set schedules, offer promotions, plan expansions, and plan service and maintenance. 

1. Harness DexterLive Data for Equipment Insights

When installed on compatible C-series commercial laundry equipment, DexterLive offers real-time reporting and detailed analytics for each machine, so you can base future business decisions on accurate, reliable data.
  • Track revenue by equipment type to determine which machines are the most profitable.
  • See overall usage of your machines by time of day and day of the week, then use that information to adjust operating hours or schedule attendants.
  • A big-picture view of machine downtime helps you strategically schedule repairs, plan preventative maintenance, and prioritize machine replacements.
  • Track overall usage of larger equipment versus smaller machines to help plan future adjustments to the ideal commercial laundry machine mix for your business.

2. Understand Customer Behavior with DexterPay

DexterPay is more than just a card- or coin-based payment alternative: It also offers invaluable insights into customer behavior and aggregates data that you can use to optimize your operations. Track which machines are used most often by DexterPay customers to gain insight into equipment usage. Use data from the  DexterPay customer database—including emails, phone numbers, address, and spend history—to create targeted promotions, offer discounts when customers reach certain spend thresholds, or develop surveys or establish avenues for feedback.

3. Set Custom Cycles for a Competitive Edge

Harness the tech features available with Dexter coin-op laundry equipment to give your laundromat location a competitive advantage. When you set custom plus cycles for your machines or include upsell options via the DexterPay app, customers can choose options that work best for them. This level of personalization can increase customer loyalty over time, so you have an edge over competing businesses in your area.

4. Manage Operations Remotely for Maximum Control

With Dexter’s innovative tech features, you don’t have to be on premise to address error messages, customer complaints, or machine breakdowns. Take equipment out of service, set targeted promotions for unhappy customers, or stop and start cycles, all from the convenience of a computer, tablet, or mobile device. You can see multiple locations at once, too, making it easier to manage all of your machines on-the-go. 
Harness data, understand customer behavior, set custom cycles, and manage your laundromat remotely: When you understand the value that Dexter’s tech features can bring to your vended laundry business, you can optimize operations and maximize profits for long-term success. Contact a Western State Design Laundry Equipment Expert today to learn more about how Dexter laundry equipment can work for you.