DexterPay app interface on mobile phone overlaid with text reading How to Use DexterPay to Encourage Customer Loyalty


DexterPay offers benefits to both customers and the commercial laundry business they patronize, creating an environment that encourages long-term loyalty. It does this in two ways: First, DexterPay allows for convenient coinless payment options and cycle tracking, creating an easy, obstacle-free user experience so clients keep coming back. Secondly, it allows you to offer promotions to all customers or targeted groups to drive brand loyalty. Use DexterPay in conjunction with DexterLive controls to create loyalty programs and promotions that encourage customers to keep coming back to your store.

7 DexterPay Promotion Ideas to Increase Customer Loyalty

With DexterPay, you can customize promotions to coincide with specific business goals. Consider these promotional ideas to encourage new customers and retain existing ones, increasing brand loyalty, store revenue, and profitability for a successful commercial laundry business

1. Offer Discounts to New Customers

One of the most common marketing tactics for appealing to new customers is to offer discounts for their first purchase—or, in the case of vended laundry, their first cycle. Dexter allows you to create promotion codes that are only available for customers using the app for the first time.

2. Create Promotions for Slow Periods

Promotions designed for when business is slow has multiple benefits: Not only will regular customers enjoy a less busy environment to complete their laundry (and pay less), you’ll drive business to the laundromat on days when you’re normally slow, lowering wait times on busy days and creating a better experience for customers across the board.

3. Reward Loyal Local Customers

In popular vacation destinations with a high percentage of short-term customers, set special pricing for loyal customers to encourage them to continue to visit your business even in the busiest seasons. Set surge pricing to maximize revenue from out-of-town patrons, and make discounts available to those who frequent your business.  

4. Use Customer Database to Gain an Edge Over Competitors

An email address is all that’s required to create a DexterPay account, but many customers also input their phone number and physical address as part of the sign up process. This personal information is valuable in targeting promotional efforts: Retain customers when competitors open by identifying who lives closer to the new location, then offering specific discount codes for them to use upon return to your store.

5. Offer Specialty Cycles and Special Pricing for Commercial Clients

Individual customers are not the only clientele of a successful laundromat. If you regularly serve commercial clients who bring in a high volume of business (and laundry), you can customize their process with DexterPay: Offer specialty cycles at predesignated times that are designed to adequately meet their specific cleaning needs, or set promotions to encourage commercial clients to upgrade their cycles with additional rinses, dry time, or detergent. 

6. Convert Angry Customers With Instant Response

DexterPay allows you to address angry customers’ concerns with just a few steps. Whether they’re frustrated with a malfunctioning machine or dissatisfied with the quality of their laundry, you can create a promotional code they can use immediately or remotely discount their cycle for instant savings. Earn a customer service reputation they will remember and convert them into loyal customers in the long term with strategic promotions through DexterPay.

7. Creatively Capitalize on Local Culture

When you understand your local demographic, you can create promotions that address your customers’ unique interests. Set promotions for families to use before the school year begins, offer special discount codes that coincide with your community’s celebrations for holidays big or small, or designate a single week each year in which each customer can enjoy one free wash. Even short-lived promotions bring customers to your store and create a positive experience that lays the groundwork for loyalty.

Developing a loyal customer base is a core aspect of running a profitable, successful laundromat business. DexterPay integrates with DexterLive controls to allow you to customize promotions for new or repeat customers, creating an environment that encourages return business. Learn more about investing in Dexter laundry equipment by contacting a Western State Design expert today.