When floorspace is at a premium, space-saving stacking units are the way to go. With Dexter stack dryers, laundromats can turn over loads more quickly, serve more customers, and effectively boost profitability. And with their advanced drying technology and unmatched customer warranty, it’s no wonder successful laundromat owners turn to Dexter for their stack dryer needs. 

Dexter Stack Dryer Features

  • Industrial-Grade Components. Dexter Laundry manufactures all their commercial dryers with the highest quality materials, including welded steel frames and cabinets, stainless steel doors, heavy-duty bearings, and hardened trunnion-shaft assemblies for superior performance and reliability.

  • Energy Efficient Designs. With their highly efficient design, Dexter stack dryers use less gas and electricity while delivering a thorough dry for faster customer turnover and utility savings.

  • Convenient Capacities. "Stack" doesn't mean "small." In fact, Dexter stack dryers are available in a range of capacities, including 20 lb., 30 lb., and 50 lb. to accommodate most common load sizes—all with express drying performance.

  • Unmatched Durability. Not only are Dexter dryers made from the highest-quality components, but they're also rigorously tested with the signature Dexter 1,000-hour out-of-balance load test to ensure they can withstand years of constand use and abuse.

  • Attractive Facades. Dexter Laundry understands that form is just as important as function for a successful laundromat. That's why Dexter stack dryers feature attractive stainless steel facades and glass windows for timeless elegance that will enhance your laundromat's appearance for years to come.

  • Simple Setup and Management. With the proprietary DexterLive software, Dexter stack dryers are easy to program and manage. With just a few simple steps, you can set custom cycles, offer optional add-ons and upgrades, and more. And if your dryer experiences an issue while you're not at the store, no problem—you can easily reset cycles, refund customers, and take equipment offline from anywhere using DexterLive.

  • Flexible Payment Options. With the optional DexterPay mobile payment platform, you can appeal to a wider customer base by offering seamless digital payment options in addition to traditional coin payments. This software integrates seamlessly with all new Dexter laundry equipment and the DexterLive management platform for streamlined operations.

  • Streamlined Installation. Each Dexter stack dryer requires only one exhaust connection and one gas or electrical connection, simplifying installation while conserving space and improving efficiency.

  • Compact Footprint. When you choose stack dryers instead of single dryers, you're optimizing your floor plan. With the extra space, you can boost profitability by installing additional units to serve more customers, or offer a value-added service, such as a study area, childrens' play zone, or cafe to help set your business apart from competitors'.

  • Unmatched Warranties. Dexter stack dryers are backed by the industry-leading Dexter 5-year major components warranty and lifetime support, so you can feel confident in your equipment.
  • Reverse Drying Option. The Dexter large capacity T-50x2 stack dryer is available with a reversing cylinder feature to reduce tangling, to cut drying times, and make the laundry experience more pleasant for your customers.

WSD: Your Authorized Dexter Laundry Distributor

If you’re looking to maximize space in your laundromat and boost profitability, Western State Design (WSD) can help. With 50 years of experience, we can help outfit your laundromat with the best laundry equipment. Contact us now to talk to a laundromat expert and learn how replacing your existing dryers with Dexter Express stack dryers can improve your bottom line today.