ETECH Automated Laundry Systems

An industry leader with first-in-the-industry innovations, ETECH delivers rail, software and laundry automation systems to meet the needs of any on-premise or commercial/industrial laundry facility. Built to last, ETECH's eRail rail systems and eVue Laundry Management Software systems are designed, customized, programmed and supported by engineers who lead the way in innovation.

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ETECH Equipment:

ETECH's eRail Monorail system gets your linens and goods through your laundry facility easily and smoothly, without worry. In the eRail system ETECH has met and mastered every imaginable challenge in commercial and industrial laundry automation, giving your plant the maneuverability and speed needed to meet your facility's needs. The eRail washer loading system gets your laundry loaded in record time and can be designed to handle loads of any size and a variety of sorting systems, including sort-on-rail, bin-to-belt, load-on-rail, cart sort, continuous, buffer hopper, bufflector, and deflector. The eRail's incoming customer bag system is a fast and efficient way to get customers' bags off of the truck into organized overhead storage and to your sorting tables with ease. When you need more than a dryer loading shuttle system, or just something different, eRail's automated dryer loading system can speed up the process and reduce labor while the eRail clean delivery system drastically reduces labor and space requirements and the garment route-holding system handles the logistics of bulk storage, day routing, delivery scheduling and load out.

ETECH's eVue delivers the industry's most innovative software built to control your commercial and industrial laundry needs faster, smarter, more efficiently and more productively. eVue gives you full control over material handling, plant production management and labor tracking, smoothing out the entire plant process, and optimizing results. The full software suite includes eVue Control, which provides operators and management visibility and control of their production lines; eVue Metrics which provides accurate, clear and real-time reporting to optimize production; and eVue Labor to better manage your human resources with real-time performance monitoring.

ETECH is also your source for laundry handling products to simplify your production. From cart dumpers, break-up tables and conveyors, to wind-up fold tables, floor-support systems, auto bulk loading conveyors and underguarding, ETECH has the tools to help you get your job done.