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ETECH - Rail Systems

ETECH - Rail Systems

A quality rail system serves as the backbone for your commercial laundry operation. With over forty years of experience in commercial and industrial laundry solutions, ETECH's eRail products are top of the line. We can help you customize your facility with ETECH's quality materials and innovative eVue software to maximize efficiency and deliver outstanding results. Browse the different aspects of ETECH's eRail Monorail System below - and we'll help build out the best rail system for your facility.

Etech Track Rail

You can't have a successful rail system without high performing rail & track. ETECH's rail stopping sections are hardened to Rockwell 60 for significant hardiness and durability. ETECH's eRail Monorail system provides a durable finish that lasts for many years.

Etech Trolleys

ETECH trolleys are designed for the fast-paced, and demanding, nature of commercial laundry. Every aspect is crafted for maximum quality, with a focus on gravity performance maintenance. Precision-cast frames and ball bearings ensure your trolley glides seamlessly.

Etech Slings

Durable and precise, ETECH slings facilitate the transfer of laundry along your rail system. Sling tracking and controls allow for greater streamlining of the process. Designed for quality and functionality, ETECH slings can carry your facility to the next level.

Etech Lifts

Air powered ETECH lifts eliminate repair needs caused by electric motors and broken chains. High performing eRail Monorail lifts allow for overhead mounting and streamlined efficiency. Remote control options allow for easy management and pairing with ETECH's innovative eVue management software.

Etech Manual Input Lift

ETECH's manual input lifts offer an economical alternative for inserting slow-moving, new, or specialty items into the rail system. Automated sorting can be continued by using a pre-lifted sling, or a user can load laundry material on to lifts via a sling cart. High quality manual input lifts bring added flexibility to your facility.

Etech Track Switches

ETECH track switches are designed to be responsive to the most demanding workflow. eRail Monorail switches are air-powered, using pneumatics to alternate between track setting - providing unparalleled smoothness and quietness. Hardened steel components allow for maximum laundry processing flow.

Etech Speed Controller

Although traditional, stopping multiple times on a long run can lead to excessive system wear. By slowing slings down with ETECH speed controllers, you help preserve the life of your rail system. Reducing wear on sling/trolley systems increases the overall efficiency of your laundry processing facility.

Etech Stops and Indexes

High quality stoppers and indexers make the eRail Monorail’s gravity powered design execute soundly. By only making contact with the body or the frame of a trolley, ETECH stops help reduce wear and tear. Indexers control two slings, one or two trolleys each, while providing metering control for streamlining.

Etech Auto Sling Closers & Openers

Timing is everything, and automated sling openers and closers ensure laundry is delivered exactly on time. ETECH’s eRail closers are fabricated from all-steel components, with pivot points designed with oil-impregnated, sintered bronze bushings that function without lubrication.

Etech eRail Maintenance System

Having equipment running at full strength and proper preventative maintenance are essential elements to a high functioning rail system. The eRail Maintenance System is designed to provide your maintenance staff an accessible, easy-to-use interface that can boost efficiency and minimize risks.

Etech Sort-On-Rail

Designed originally by ETECH over 25 years ago, the Sort-On-Rail system is uniquely and innovatively orchestrated for outstanding laundry processing performance. The system is designed for accurate and smooth-flowing sort arrangements, and allows laundry materials to be sorted directly into slings.

Etech Bin to Belt

This configuration provides a solution for when sorting directly into a sling is not possible. Also a useful option for consolidating a large number of low-volume sorts into smaller laundry groups. This automation option is a great choice in smaller spaces that process low-volume items.

Etech Load-On-Rail

When you have materials that require extra effort or need hands-on attention, the Load-On-Rail solution will meet your needs. Your system operators can directly interface with the slings at the appropriate station - and with a properly designed rail system, you can streamline your unloading and inputting flow.

Etech Cart Sorting

A manual option - allowing operators to sort and weigh slings, then add to the rail system. Paired with the eVue software system, operators can easily classify, weigh, and designate customer properties. Carts are made from steel tubing and fit perfectly with ETECH slings.

Etech Continuous

Stainless steel, this double door hopper holds linen while transitioning through slings. Ideal for higher volume operations where constant sorting is the norm. Operators are able to sort throughout the processes.

Etech Buffer Hopper

Single door, stainless steel, medium sized hopper - holds sorted linen during sling transitions. Designed for high volume facilities where continuous sorting is the norm. Buffer holds up to 50 lbs. during sling exchanges.

Etech Bufflector

Stainless steel, the Bufflector provides a ledge to hold sorted linen while slings are exchanged. This deflector can hold up to 15 lbs. of linen, allowing continuous sorting, ease-of-use, and a more efficent workflow.

Etech Deflector

Stainless steel, this deflector attaches to a sort window, facilitating linen flow into the sling, reducing spillage.