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ETECH - Laundry Handling

ETECH - Laundry Handling

From impact tables to carts and cart dumpers, ETECH specializes in streamlining laundry handling. All the little details add up, and having a flowing transportation management keeps laundry facilities in top gear.

Etech Cart Dumpers

Heavy duty laundry handling machines, ETECH cart dumpers are comprised of a fully welded frame and carriage, allowing for solid unloading of laundry carts. Customization is available, including type of dumping fallouts.

Etech Break-Up Tables

Stainless steel construction, specially engineered for facilitating the initial break up of linen materials. Designed for strength and durability, ETECH break up tables will be custom made for your operational needs.

Etech Conveyors

ETECH conveyors are designed to efficiently facilitate linen throughout your laundry processing facility. Incline, level, rollerbed, sliderbed, and turntable setups are available - we can tailor conveyors to fit your facility’s needs.

Etech Impact Tables

In order to prolong the life of slings and reduce operating costs, ETECH impact tables buffer the drop of falling linen between sling transfers. A great addition for streamlining your facility.

Etech Underguarding

Recommended for safety and stability, underguarding and safety netting is part of a professional laundry production facility. Plus, steel grids support removable square mesh netting panels.

Etech Wind Up Fold Tables

ETECH’s innovative wind up tables assist operators in transporting linen toward a folding operator. More importantly, this boosts operator efficiency by reducing fatigue and excessive strain.

Etech Floor Support Systems

Customer designed and pre-built to be bolted together on site, no welding required. ETECH’s floor support systems are customized for your facility and installed when a building is unable to support the weight of a rail system. Columns are placed with the work-flow process in mind.

Etech Auto Bulk Loading Conveyor

Custom-designed for pre-sorted linen, ETECH auto bulk loading conveyors may be automatically sling loaded. With variable speed controls and stainless steel transfer chute and stabilizers, this bulk loading conveyor can move up to 10,000+ per hour.

Etech Carts

Steel construction and engineered to support ETECH slings and facilitate easy linen sorting.