Whether you need coin-operated washers and dryers for your laundromat business or industrial laundry equipment for your hotel’s on-premise laundry room, selecting the right laundry equipment distributor is crucial. WSD offers decades of experience, dozens of product options, and industry-leading support to best serve any commercial laundry needs.


Founded in 1974, WSD has been serving customers for 50 years. In our decades of experience, we have encountered just about every customer concern and designed effective solutions to overcome every challenge.

We have helped over 6,000 on-premise laundry customers find solutions for their healthcare, hospitality, sports club, and other unique commercial laundry needs. We have also helped thousands of laundromat owners, investors, and operators build, equip, and successfully launch unique laundromat businesses. Our collective experience and expertise enable us to provide innovative laundry solutions to meet our clients' needs, even in the most challenging operational environments. Don’t trust your business to just any commercial laundry distributor. In our industry, experience is the key to your success. Our laundry experts will help you avoid common mistakes that hurt your bottom line.

Product Options

Leading commercial laundry equipment manufacturers rely on commercial laundry machine distributors to sell, install, and service their products. Many distributors have exclusive relationships with only one manufacturer, severely limiting the customer’s options.

We prefer to provide the best product for every customer’s need, which is why we offer equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Milnor Laundry and Dexter Laundry. Our experts are well-versed in each line’s features so we can help you find the best commercial laundry equipment for your unique situation.

Pre-Sale Support

Whether you’re operating a laundromat business or optimizing on-premise laundry for a hotel, hospital, or other facility, we can help.

Our on-premise laundry clients typically have laundry rooms with outdated equipment and tricky layouts. Fortunately, we are more than just a commercial laundry equipment supplier. Our experts offer site and layout design and planning services to help you make sense of your laundry room. With our team of experienced project managers, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical (MP&E) subcontractors, and laundry operators, we design laundry systems to maximize production while conserving energy and water, minimizing labor costs, and delivering overall value. We will also provide equipment selection assistance based on your facility’s needs. What works best for a hotel may not be ideal for a fire department or cruise ship, so our experts are prepared to guide you through your options. In addition, our experienced team knows how to retool your laundry while you continue to operate - saving you valuable downtime.

Laundromats, on the other hand, have a laundry list of factors to consider before opening for business. As a comprehensive laundromat distributor, our services go far beyond equipment sales and service. We offer support for new construction, renovation, and/or expansions, including:

  • Market and technical feasibility analysis
  • Time studies, workflow analysis, and operational analysis
  • Bid specification, document preparation, and/or analysis
  • Energy conservation studies and recommendations
  • Energy rebates and tax incentives
  • Equipment seismic restraint evaluations
  • Equipment and/or expansion ROI and cost analysis
  • Inventory control
  • Labor and workforce management
  • Long range and capital planning

Whether you’re a laundromat operator or on-premise laundry manager, don’t go it alone. Choose a great laundry equipment distributor like WSD and let our experts help reduce frustrations and set you up for success.

Post-Sale Support

As a leading Dexter and Milnor laundry distributor, our mission is to help you make the most of your commercial laundry equipment. Our manufacturers develop products with innovative features and we want to be sure you are using them to the fullest. After your new laundry equipment is installed, we’ll walk you through equipment programming to set custom wash and dry cycles for your frequently laundered items. Your equipment is only as good as its operators, so we also offer on-site employee training. This includes equipment operations, laundry room management, and basic equipment maintenance. When your staff and your laundry equipment work together, you can maximize production while minimizing costs and headaches.

After your new laundry equipment is up and running, we offer ongoing equipment utilization reviews to help further optimize your processes and improve efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you’re operating a laundromat or managing an on-premise laundry facility, you need commercial laundry equipment you can count on. We offer a preventative maintenance program to keep your equipment operating like new and help you avoid unexpected downtime. If you do experience issues, you can always count on us for parts and service calls. We are a laundry parts distributor for most commercial laundry brands, so we have access to OEM replacement parts for nearly any washer or dryer. Paired with our world-class service request turnaround time, we’ll get your laundry equipment back in action in no time. Our manufacturers also feature industry leading warranties, saving you money on repair costs.

Whatever your commercial laundry needs, your business deserves only the best on-premise and laundromat equipment distributor. Contact WSD today to speak with a laundry expert and learn how we can help optimize your commercial laundry operation today.