WSD supplies commercial laundry equipment & services to sports teams, athletic departments, fitness centers, and health clubs. We represent the premier brands in quality, durability, and operating efficiency.

Athletic departments and sports teams generate large quantities of laundry. Whether high school, university, or pro, your players need to look their best. Towels, t-shirts, shorts, socks, supporters, jerseys, swimsuits, uniforms, equipment bags, and mop heads they take a beating with dirt and stains. You need efficient commercial laundry equipment to keep everything clean and ready for the game.

Gyms, sports centers, golf and tennis clubs, recreational centers, swimming clubs and fitness centers also have a high demand for clean laundry. Towels pile up fast, as does food and beverage linen as well as staff uniforms.

Having your own internal laundry allows you to control the quality of your laundry ensuring its availability, preventing losses, and reducing your laundry expense. WSD's laundry experts will help you select the right equipment to provide consistent, high quality wash cycles including the correct water temperature and automatic chemical injection. Our equipment includes eco-friendly and energy saving features such as water reuse, heat reclamation, high-speed extraction, and variable frequency drive controls. These features help ensure that your laundry is processed in less time and at lower costs features that can cut your laundry utility expense by as much as 50%! We also have space saving equipment that can fit into the tightest areas.

Some of our best selling commercial laundry equipment includes:

WSD's laundry experts can assist you in determining the right laundry machines. We understand tight spaces, high volume demands, and the need to minimize costs. We have a wide variety of energy efficient equipment including stacked units and units that can fit through a standard 36" doorway. We also offer preventative maintenance plans to keep your laundry up-and-running and worry-free.

Knowing budgets are tight and that laundry is not your main focus, WSD also provides sports, health, and fitness clubs with our Ultimate Laundry Solution rental program. With no capital outlay, no costly repairs, and no laundry worries, it may be the right solution for your business!