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Known for its innovative and long-lasting machines, Pellerin Milnor Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity commercial and industrial laundry equipment. You’ll find the company’s washer-extractors, tunnel washers, dryers, and extraction systems in on-premise facilities, laundry service providers, and other medium- or large-scale operations. Learn more about this preferred manufacturer with the following answers to frequently asked questions about Milnor laundry equipment.

Who makes Milnor washers?

Milnor washers are made by Pellerin Milnor Corporation, a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial laundry equipment. Pellerin Milnor Corporation began manufacturing 20-inch extractors in 1947 and has been at the forefront of industry innovation ever since. The company’s more than 50 patents cover a variety of technologies that contribute to water-, energy-, time-, and cost-savings for operators. 

What industries does Milnor serve?

Milnor provides laundry equipment to a variety of industries, from large-scale linen supply companies to on-premise laundries in hotels, resorts, hospitals, health clubs, correctional facilities, and fire departments. The company’s line of high-capacity laundry equipment for commercial and industrial applications includes:

What are the benefits of Milnor laundry equipment?

Milnor commercial and industrial laundry equipment offers many benefits, including durability, efficiency, and ease of use. Milnor machines boast innovative features that reduce labor, linen replacement, energy, and water costs, from hydraulic lift technology that minimizes loading and unloading times to hands-off systems that require only one operator. Intentionally engineered, extensively tested, and carefully inspected, each durable, long-lasting Milnor machine is designed to handle large volumes of laundry day-in and day-out, for decades. 

Where are Milnor washers made?

Milnor washer-extractors, dryers, batch washers, and extraction systems are all manufactured just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the company has been headquartered for more than 75 years. 

How long do Milnor washers last?

Milnor manufactures durable, efficient laundry machines that are designed to last for 15 to 20 years or longer. Some of the brand’s washer-extractors, CBW® batch washers, and dryers have been proven to last as many as 30 years—or more. 

What is a Milnor washer-extractor?

A Milnor washer-extractor is a high-powered single chamber washing machine designed to process high volumes of laundry at one time. Ideal for medium-scale commercial and on-premise facilities, washer-extractors effectively remove excess moisture from laundry, substantially reducing drying times. 

What is a Milnor tunnel washer? 

A Milnor tunnel washer, also called a batch washer, is custom-built to match each business’ unique needs. Milnor CBW® Batch Washers feature one or more chambers for each stage of the process, with linens becoming cleaner as they proceed along the tunnel. Because Milnor top-loading tunnel washers continuously move laundry, they are more efficient and effective—processing large volumes of laundry while getting each load cleaner.

How big are Milnor laundry machines?

Milnor makes laundry machines in a variety of sizes to suit medium- and large scale commercial and industrial operations. Milnor washer-extractors are available in capacities ranging from 25 to 700 lbs, and the company’s tunnel washing systems can process up to 7,000 lbs of laundry per hour.

What do customers like about Milnor commercial laundry equipment?

Customers like that Milnor commercial and industrial laundry equipment is long-lasting, energy efficient, and able to process large loads quickly without sacrificing quality. Milnor engineers its equipment with the customer in mind, so each washer-extractor, dryer, batch washer, or extraction system is intentionally easy to use, with features including MilTouch touch-screen controls and automatic dosing.

Who sells Milnor commercial washing machines? 

Milnor works with reputable, authorized dealers to sell its washing machines, dryers, and tunnel washers. Western State Design has partnered with Milnor as a distributor for many years, and our technicians are trained to install, assemble, repair, and maintain this high-quality commercial and industrial equipment.

Our team can help you choose the best Milnor laundry equipment for your purposes. To learn more about equipping your commercial laundry business or on-premise facility with Milnor machines, contact a WSD Equipment Expert today.