Effective advertising and an appealing façade may get vended laundry customers in the door, but making them happy is key to keeping them coming back. Customer satisfaction can be influenced by any number of factors, from the way your laundromat looks to the additional services you offer, to the type of machines you use. At a base level, functional, easy-to-use equipment and a customer-centric approach to service will ensure clients are satisfied with your laundromat. But, if you’ve got the basics down, have tried DIY marketing tactics, and are still struggling to attract or keep customers, it may be time to mix things up. Build relationships and a reliable client base by implementing these practical, patron-focused laundry business tips to keep customers happy.

Create a Clean, Comfortable Commercial Laundry Space

Whether your customers are dropping off their laundry for a wash-dry-fold service or staying and doing their own laundry, you want to create an environment that feels welcoming and comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. A visually appealing space conveys the appearance of cleanliness, one of the key factors customers consider when choosing which space to patronize; “clean laundromat near me” is a frequent search for potential vended laundry customers. Consider these components of a clean, comfortable laundromat that attracts and retains patrons.

  • From clean floors and windows to mess-free furniture, tables, countertops, and laundry carts to welcoming, intentional decor, small details add up to make a big impact when it comes to your laundromat's impression on new or returning customers.
  • Old equipment may be functional but may look dated or worn, no matter how clean it is. Attract customers right off the bat with modern commercial laundry machines that are aesthetically pleasing and optimally operational.
  • Hire well-trained full-time staff who prioritize keeping the space tidy, whether that's by picking up trash left by patrons or quickly cleaning up leaks.

Prioritize Customer Service

A friendly face can make the difference between a happy customer likely to recommend your laundromat to others and a satisfied customer who won’t share the news. But the best attendants know that customer service is just as much about what happens behind the scenes, as it is in face-to-face interactions with customers. Hire and train friendly full-time staff to keep the space clean, perform of-the-moment preventative or emergency maintenance, and address guests’ concerns in a timely manner.

Add Value With Service & Perks

Free WiFi, charging stations, and clean restrooms are base-level amenities that can enhance the customer experience in your laundromat, but we’ve seen locations take it up a notch—think falafel stands, café counters, play spaces for kids, and even big-screen TVs. Consider the demographics of your target customer base when choosing which value-added features to implement in your laundromat: A small play-focused corner outfitted with toys, coloring materials, or child-sized seats may be a big selling point in a neighborhood with families and single parents, while fresh coffee, community tables, and charging stations may attract college students or young professionals.

Offer Flexible Payment Options

One of the easiest ways to please customers is to meet them where they are. A flexible payment approach ensures you can reach customers across a variety of demographics, from Millenials who rarely carry cash to older generations who prefer traditional coin-operated options. A hybrid payment system increases convenience by letting customers choose how they want to pay, with options including cash, laundry cards, regular credit or debit cards, or even payment apps such as Dexter Pay or Apple Pay. Whether you offer an array of coinless payment choices or choose to highlight one or two, letting customers choose will keep them coming back.

Stay Up to Date With Modern Equipment & Technology

High-quality, easy-to-operate vended laundry equipment is the backbone of a successful commercial endeavor, but it’s important to keep up with the times. In order to keep coming back, customers will expect commercial laundry machines equipped with the latest technology, whether that’s cashless payment options, enhanced cleaning or sanitizing capabilities, fast cycle completion, or mobile operation.

Whether you’re starting a new vended laundry space or updating an existing business, follow these five practical tips to keep customers happy and coming back. Prioritize exceptional customer service, high-quality and up-to-date equipment, and value-added services that can make the experience of visiting your laundromat an enjoyable—if still essential—task.