If you have all the ingredients for a successful laundromat—quality equipment, a comfortable atmosphere, amenities—yet it still feels like you’re losing business to the competition, it’s time to employ some new tactics to get noticed. Use these DIY marketing ideas to expand your customer base, retain current clientele, and improve your brand recognition.

  1. Ask Customers for Reviews
    Asking guests to review your business on Facebook, Google, or Yelp is a simple tactic that can boost your online reputation and give you more credibility to a new customer base. Follow these steps to get your laundromat listed on Google, then place signs in common areas of your business thanking patrons for their business and include a request for reviews. Make a habit of reading the feedback to learn what you are doing well, and see where you can improve to keep current customers happy and continue attracting new ones. To strengthen your presence online, always thank customers for their online reviews, whether positive or negative, to show them you are listening and that their opinions matter. Apologize for any inconvenience mentioned, and if the situation has been resolved, let them know you’ve taken the necessary action.

  2. Offer Loyalty Programs & Rewards
    Loyalty programs encourage repeat business from longtime and new laundromat customers. The rewards enhance satisfaction and build an allegiance to your brand. The format of your program can be simple, like a punch card to track visits or a more tech-savvy option run by the DexterPay mobile app. Event-based rewards (i.e. birthdays, teacher-appreciation, frontline worker week) can also build relationships with your customer base and offer perks to invite new people in and keep regulars coming back.

  3. Network With Neighborhood Businesses
    Team up with nearby businesses to display each other’s services on in-store signage on counters or in windows. Good candidates for a laundromat would be an extended stay hotel or apartment complex, but even the local gym, bakery, and convenience store have a pool of potential customers you can reach. This collaborative advertising improves your target audience’s awareness of your laundromat and shows them that places they frequent vouch for you. 

  4. Promote Your Amenities & Services
    Differentiate your laundromat from the competition and attract new customers by communicating your services and amenities. Keep your website updated with all of your amenities and services so anyone researching laundromats online can easily see what you offer. Use window signs to highlight features to passersby and draw in your target audience: boast cashless machines to modern-minded college students, fluff-and-fold services to business professionals, or list the kids’ play area and Wi-Fi to get the attention of parents.

  5. Engage Customers on Social Media
    The first thing prospective customers will do when they have questions about your laundromat is a quick Internet search. Having a website is helpful, but social media is an effective substitute. Businesses often choose Facebook because it is popular among many demographics, but you can always expand to other platforms as you’re comfortable. Posting images to advertise your amenities and show off your laundromat’s best features can attract new customers. Engaging with your followers and responding to their messages and posts will give your business a personal touch.

  6. Establish a Presence in the Community
    Laundromats are neighborhood businesses, so being active in the community can lend credibility to your brand and keep you top-of-mind when people have laundry needs. An entrepreneur who is invested in the area can impress longtime residents and those new to the neighborhood. Here are ways you can establish a local presence:
    • Sponsor an event or team to get your name and logo on banners or programs. 
    • Offer to donate a discount in a fundraising coupon book for a local team or club. 
    • Work with a local charity—or the LaundryCares Foundation—to volunteer services or resources to those in need. 
    • Host goodwill events such as a blood drive, toy donation, or back-to-school supply collection.
    • Invite locals to your grand opening or anniversary celebrations.

Doing your own marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and can get you ahead of your competition quickly. If you think your equipment and services are falling short, or you’d like to know more about implementing a mobile app loyalty program, contact a Western State Design expert today.