Listing your laundromat business on Google is imperative to attracting new customers, but the process can be daunting to those who are unfamiliar. You’re probably wondering how to create a listing—can you do it yourself? Or do you have to hire a marketing expert? And, most importantly, is it worth it? Our laundromat marketing experts have put together this comprehensive guide to help explain everything you need to know about Google Business listings (formerly called “Google My Business), including how to effectively create and manage your own.  

What are Google Business Listings?

First launched in 2014, Google Business (formerly “Google My Business) is a digital summary of each business’s important information. Think of it like a modern, robust version of the phone book, but with everything a customer needs to choose a local business, including:

  • Business description
  • Address and Google Map of Location
  • Contact Information
  • Hours of operation
  • Photos from the business
  • Honest and unbiased customer reviews
  • Information about the business' products or services
  • Accessibility accommodations

A Google Business Listing is a powerful tool to help any business—wether it be national, local, small, or large—attract customers.

Why do you need a Google Business listing?

A Google Business listing is an effective tool to help customers find your laundromat. When a potential customer is researching which laundromat to visit, more often than not, they’ll go online and search for laundromats in their area. Google will then return a list of local laundromats, including photos, reviews, directions, and more, for each. After reviewing their options, they will select a laundromat, get directions on Google Maps, and become a customer. If you don’t have a Google Business listing, your laundromat won’t be included in this list—no matter how great your equipment or service may be—and you’ll miss out on countless potential customers.

How much does it cost to put my business on Google?

It does not cost anything to put your business on Google, and nearly anybody can follow the simple steps to create their own Google Business listing—no need to hire a marketing firm or digital marketing expert.

How do I use Google as a business?

Now that you have a Google Business listing, you’ll need to continually update it. While this process should not take more than a few hours each month, regularly updating your listing helps your business information show more prominently above your competitors’ and entices more customers to choose your business. Updates include:

  • Core Contact Information. If your business moves to a new location or you get a new phone number, email address, or website, be sure to update your Google Business Listing accordingly.
  • Hours of Operation. Ensure your business hours are always accurate—especially for holidays and special occasions. If your business will be closed on a day when you are normally open, you can note that in your Google Business Listing to avoid frustrating potential customers who visit your business when it's closed.
  • Photos. Include recent photos of your business exterior, interior, and more to help potential customers get a feel for your laundromat and entice them to visit. This is a great opportunity to show how your laundromat is better than your competitors.' Share photos of your washers and dryers—expecially modern or higher-capacity models, as well as any vending machines, lounge areas, childrens' play areas, or other unique amenities.
  • Specials and Promotions. You can post your specials and promotions on your Google Business listing to entice potential customers to your laundromat.
  • Reviews. Ask your satisfied customers to leave their honest feedback by posting reviews on your Google Business listing, the be sure to post a public response. For positive reviews, post a response apologizing for the negative experience and offer to make it right—just be sure to follow through with anything you offer.

Go Beyond Google

While establishing and updating your Google Business listing is an important first step to market your laundromat business and attract customers, it’s not the only option. Once you have this in place, check out our guide to DIY Marketing Ideas that Work to help grow your business, or contact the experts at Western State Design for more help.