As people see the value and convenience of full service laundry, wash and fold is gaining traction with households and commercial markets. Many laundromats find additional revenue with business-to-business accounts, but to see real growth in these avenues, you’ll need to capture new clients, retain existing clientele, and take advantage of upsell opportunities. Use these 5 tips to keep your customers happy and  grow your bottom line with wash and fold laundry services. 

5 easy steps to grow your laundromat's commercial wash and fold service

1. Focus On Customer Service

Not only do businesses elect to outsource their laundry for the convenience and quality, but also for the excellent customer service they receive from professional laundry services. Even if you aren’t ready to offer a full on-demand laundry service, focus on the extras you can provide to a busy restaurant manager, rental property coordinator, or gym owner to personalize their wash-and-fold services and make the laundry pickup and delivery a smooth process. Here are some ideas where your customer service can help you outshine the competition and earn repeat business: 

  • Linen packaging and bundling options
  • Commercial laundry detergent choices
  • Electronic invoice delivery
  • Text or email order notifications
  • Flexible or after-hours pickup schedules
  • Expedited turnaround times
  • Flat-rate and by-the-pound pricing options

2. Study the Market to Find Full-Service Laundry Opportunities

Research businesses outside of your usual clientele and speak to people you know in these industries to find out how commercial laundry can fill a need or improve their operations. Customize your sales pitch for professional laundry or ironing services to capture these new leads. Some prime B2B opportunities for your full-service laundry offerings include:

  • AirBnBs: Wash, dry, and fold comforters and towels; offer stain treating upgrades.
  • Car Washes: Launder lint- and debris-free drying cloths and towels.
  • Fitness Centers: In addition to laundering towels, offer services for specialty items, such as floor mats, bike seat covers, and weight-lifting belts.
  • Event Venues: Wash and iron or press chair covers and banquet-size tablecloths.
  • Utility Companies: Clean and starch uniforms and jumpsuits for customer-facing positions.
  • Car Dealerships: Wash car seat covers and floor mats in test-drive vehicles and trade-ins.
  • Mechanics: Offer oil and grease stain removal for jumpsuits and coveralls.
  • Housekeeping & Cleaning Services: Sanitize rags, mop heads, dusting cloths, and other materials to help prevent cross-contamination from client to client.

3. Network With New and Existing Local Businesses

Building your B2B laundry customer base begins right in your community. Network with local businesses to identify opportunities by learning of new construction or companies moving to the area. When a new business opens, contact company management or call the owners to welcome them to the community, then be sure to drop off a brochure outlining your services. You could use this opportunity to offer a free trial or discount to help attract new business, or simply provide pricing. Reaching out makes a personal connection and simplifies their search for finding laundry services once they are up and running.

4. Advertise Full-Service Laundry Benefits to Potential Customers

Local advertising is a fast, cost-effective way to reach your untapped customer base and market the benefits of your wash-and-fold laundry services to them. Getting active on social media is a low-cost way to connect with fellow businesses and widen your net of potential customers. If you have the budget, invest in paid ads in local publications or focus on online ads that target companies within your delivery zone. Also make sure your coin-operated laundromat’s website and your Yelp and Google business listings include your full services. Sprinkle these benefits into your marketing campaigns to help potential customers realize how helpful a commercial laundry service can be:
  • Bulk laundry is cost-effective
  • Commercial equipment provides a consistently sanitary, hygienic wash
  • Professional stain removal can help reduce uniform or linen replacements
  • Outsourcing laundry keeps staff focused on clients, patients, or projects
  • Commercial washers and dryers are eco-friendly
  • Allergen-free unscented linens are ideal for hotels, hospitals, and AirBnBs
  • Off premise laundry saves space for other business ventures or operations

5. Expand & Upsell Your Wash and Fold Laundry Services

A well-rounded list of services gives your clients more reasons to choose your full-service laundromat over a commercial laundry service and puts you in a good position to competitively price your offerings. Invest in finishing equipment to expand your pickup and delivery services and upsell folding, ironing, and steaming services; these machines make laborious processes more efficient to maximize your staff’s time while increasing your revenue. If you do not have the capability for specialty requests like dry cleaning or mending, partner with a local business that does and integrate the pickup and dropoff with your client’s scheduled orders.

Start Growing Your Laundromat's Wash and Fold Business Today

When you’re ready to grow your wash and fold business into commercial markets, contact a Western State Design expert to ensure you have the right washers, dryers, and finishing equipment to maximize your profits. We can also work with you to formulate a business plan for your expansion to make sure it is a success—contact us today.