Western State Design brings years of experience with commercial laundry and a superb reputation for customer service to the multi-family laundry and hotel guest laundry services market in Southern California. One of the most effective ways to attract and retain residents and guests is by providing a clean, well-equipped communal laundry room. Outfitting your space with powerful, durable small chassis commercial laundry equipment offers many benefits for property managers and adds value for potential residents.

According to the Multi-housing Laundry Association, when given the choice of having access to a clean, convenient, and affordable laundry room, a majority of residents would not pay more to live in a unit with laundry connections or a washer and dryer provided. 

Running a multi-housing unit can be an around-the-clock commitment. When something breaks or tenants are unhappy, you’re expected to be there to remedy the situation in a timely manner. Your on-site multi-housing laundry room is no exception. But rest assured: When it’s time to upgrade your small chassis commercial laundry equipment, you’ll have reliable equipment and responsive customer service when you choose to work with Western State Design.

What We Offer

Western State Design supplies high-quality small chassis commercial laundry equipment for multi-unit residential buildings throughout Southern California. We offer LG commercial washers and dryers designed specifically for multi-housing and guest laundry applications, with scaled capacities, quiet operation, and convenient features that cater to the busy individuals who use them. These machines come equipped with multiple payment options so your residents can pay in the way that’s easiest for them.
Building owners and managers have the choice between purchasing the laundry equipment outright, leasing, or entering into a route operator/revenue-sharing agreement with WSD. Work with a WSD laundry equipment expert to find the right machine mix for your space, then enlist the services of our highly skilled technicians for installation, repairs, and preventative maintenance. Our partnership continues even after the sale is complete: Western State Design offers business services, training, parts supply, and preventative maintenance or regular service for your machines.

Where Multi-Family Laundry Makes Sense

Adding multi-family laundry services makes sound business sense in a variety of markets, from apartments and townhomes to retirement communities and military housing. Enjoy reduced costs, increased operating efficiency, and better value for potential residents when you work with Western State Design to install commercial laundry equipment in these and other multi-housing settings.

  • Apartments, Condos & Townhomes: Western State Design offers high-quality LG commercial equipment for apartments, townhomes, and condos in Southern California. Communal laundry areas can be a major selling point for potential renters, offering convenience when compared to local laundromats and cost and space savings when compared to in-unit residential machines. 
  • Student Housing: Adding communal laundry facilities in college and university residences provides a valuable, essential service to students. We provide LG multi-housing laundry equipment and associated services to college and university dormitories throughout Southern California. These commercial washers and dryers are compatible with coin and card payments, so students have the flexibility to choose their preferred method.
  • Military Housing: Military housing communities can benefit from communal laundry facilities, which offer cost, utility, and energy savings when compared to installing equipment in each home. It’s also easier for managers to schedule and complete repairs or maintenance when they don’t have to coordinate access to individual units.
  • Retirement Communities: A centralized, well-equipped laundry facility is a key amenity that can differentiate your retirement community from competitors. Top-of-the-line LG washers and dryers offer quiet operation so as not to disrupt nearby residents and are compatible with both card and coin payment options for easy, convenient use.

About LG Commercial Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment

LG commercial laundry machines are known for their durability, performance, efficiency, and convenience. These key features of LG commercial washers and dryers make them a preferred option for multi-family laundry systems: 

  • Smaller capacities are better suited for smaller, more frequent loads
  • Soft-mount design for quiet operation and easy installation
  • Can be installed side-by-side or stacked to best fit your facility’s existing footprint, with a reversible door for flexibility
  • Available in gas and electric models
  • High-extract speeds and energy-saving capabilities lead to greater efficiency and cost savings for property managers and residents
  • Easy front repairs provide quick and efficient maintenance

We offer the LG "Giant C" and "Titan" series washers and dryers. Contact us today to learn more.