There are many benefits to opening or renovating a community laundry room in your multi-housing building, especially if you follow best practices for success. From choosing the right location to making the space comfortable for residents, we’re covering our top tips for designing an attractive, appealing, and well-utilized multi-family laundry room. 

Choose the Right Location for a New Laundry Room

Choosing the right location for your communal laundry room will be a core indicator of its success. The space should be central to as many units as possible while creating minimal disruption for residents. Other factors to consider include accessibility, room ventilation, HVAC system access, and the surrounding environment: If the communal laundry room will be located outside of a primary building, is there a covered path so residents don’t have to carry their laundry in the rain? If it’s in a basement, are the stairs and hallways well-lit and safe and accessible for those with mobility limitations?

If your multi-housing property has many buildings, you may want to include a smaller communal laundry room in each, rather than one larger, centralized space. A multi-story building may warrant a communal laundry space in the basement as well as rooms strategically spaced throughout the higher floors.

Determine the Right Size & Number of Commercial Laundry Machines

When choosing how many washers and dryers to install in a multi-housing laundry room, consider these factors: 

  • Number of Residents: The size and style of a multi-housing property impacts how many machines are needed. We recommend fewer machines per number of units in high-rise apartments, and a bigger machine-to-residence ratio in garden-style properties; work with a laundry equipment expert to determine the right number for your specific property.
  • Type of Resident: You also want to take into account the type of residents. College students and young professionals have different laundry needs than parents of young children, while empty nesters will require clean laundry at a different frequency than families with high schoolers. Take a look at your target demographic when determining how many washers and dryers to install. 
  • Room Size & Layout: The square footage of the communal laundry space itself is a primary factor in determining how many machines will fit. Many experts recommend a minimum of 25 square feet per machine to accommodate the equipment itself and allow adequate clearance. You should also consider space for seating, utility sinks, folding and sorting tables, and other amenities you may want to provide.

Most multi-housing laundry machines are available in smaller capacities than traditional commercial equipment. However, you may want to consider at least one or two larger capacity machines that can handle large loads like bedding or towels. We offer LG commercial washers in standard (3.7 cu. ft.) and large (5.2 cu. ft.) capacities, so you can mix and match to meet your unique needs.

Invest in the Right Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment

Durability, reliability, and ease of use are important characteristics of high-quality multi-housing laundry equipment. LG multi-housing laundry machines are constructed from powder-coated stainless steel, so they resist scratches and dents, and feature a belt-and-pulley-less design that means less wear and tear on the machine parts themselves. These factors not only make the equipment last longer but also lessen the frequency of repairs. With smart technology, residents can easily choose and control their laundry cycles, and sometimes even track them from their phones for maximum convenience. 

Choose Equipment That’s Compatible With Preferred Payment Options

LG commercial laundry equipment for multi-housing facilities is compatible with your choice of coin or card payments, so you can choose the option that works best for your facility. We recommend a card-based payment system: Many residents appreciate the convience of being able to do laundry without having cash on hand.

Make Your Communal Laundry Room Comfortable

Just as comfort is key to a successful laundromat, it’s equally important in multi-housing laundry rooms. Consider these ideas to designing a comfortable space for all of your residents: 

  • Include comfortable furniture for residents to use while they’re waiting for their laundry to finish. Create small conversation areas with sofas or loveseats, or add a few tables with chairs to create a space where residents can comfortably work while they wait.
  • Encourage guests to use your communal laundry facility by creating an environment that looks as comfortable as it feels. Choose pleasing paint colors, thoughtful decor touches, and other homey accents to make your multi-housing laundry room somewhere residents don’t mind spending time.
  • Follow ADA guidelines to make your space accessible for all residents. Evaluate factors like the width of the doorways and the space in aisleways and between machines to ensure they are easy to navigate in wheelchairs or by those with other mobility limitations.
  • Post rules to remind residents of general laundry room etiquette. From time limits for unattended laundry to rules against touching someone else’s clothing, these guidelines can help residents feel more comfortable doing their laundry in a semi-public space. 

Prioritize Safety & Security

Current and potential residents may be concerned about the safety and security of doing laundry outside of their unit. They want to be safe while doing their laundry and also feel confident in the security of their belongings if they need to leave the room. Several elements influence whether your multi-housing laundry facilities accomplish this goal: To start, ensure your space is outfitted with adequate lighting, limit access to individuals with a passcode or keycard, and install closed-circuit security cameras for extra peace of mind.

Add Convenience With Extra Amenities 

A little goes a long way in encouraging residents to utilize your communal laundry facility. While some amenities may be expected, such as free WiFi or access to a utility sink, others can significantly enhance the appeal of your space. Provide tables for sorting and folding laundry, plus carts to move clothing, bedding, or other belongings easily from washers to dryers to tables. Another popular option? Vending machines stocked with detergent, stain removers, and dryer sheets (or drinks and snacks) mean residents don’t have to run back to their unit if they’ve forgotten something essential.

Create a Regular Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule

If you’re offering a communal laundry room as one of your building’s key amenities, it’s imperative that the equipment works when your residents try to use it. Choose heavy-duty laundry equipment with self-cleaning features, such as LG’s easy-clean tub and self-atomizing spray, and prioritize regular preventative maintenance so unexpected repairs pop up less frequently. The space should be as clean as the machines themselves, so give your communal laundry room the same regular attention as the building lobby or other shared space.

Paying careful attention to the design of your space makes your multi-housing laundry facility more appealing to current and potential residents alike. Residents appreciate a clean, attractive multi-family laundry room with high-quality, durable equipment and valuable amenities; contact a WSD Laundry Equipment Expert to start equipping your space today.