Veterinarian & Equestrian Laundry Solutions

WSD supplies commercial laundry equipment & services on a global basis for veterinarian & equestrian laundry solutions. We represent the premier brands in quality, durability, and operating efficiency.

Just like human hospitals, animal hospitals, clinics, kennels, and stables need clean laundry. Towels, bedding, lab coats, horse blankets and other linen must be sanitary to reduce the risk of spreading disease and to help speed recovery. Soiled and potentially infectious linen must be properly cleaned with the right mix of chemicals, water temperature, mechanical action, rinses, extraction and more.

WSD’s laundry experts will help you select the right equipment to provide consistent, high-quality wash cycles including the correct water temperature and automatic chemical injection. Our equipment is durable, dependable, and easy to use. It’s also energy efficient and conserves water by using the latest in technological advances. WSD will help you determine the right laundry solution for your facility - one that provides the utmost level of cleanliness while minimizing your time and keeping your costs low. You need a solution that keeps you focused on treating the animals, not doing laundry!

Following is a list of equipment which provides the highest energy efficiency and the lowest water consumption of any commercial laundry equipment available to the veterinarian & equestrian laundries:

Knowing budgets are tight and that laundry is not your main focus, WSD also provides veterinarian, equestrian, and animal hospitals with our Ultimate Laundry Solutions rental program. With no capital outlay, no costly repairs, and no laundry worries, it may be the right solution for your business!

Laundry Parts & Service

Western State Design offers genuine OEM parts for all commercial laundry and coin-op laundry equipment through our Parts Store which is available 24/7/365. WSD Parts Specialists are experienced industry professionals with the mission of ensuring that your laundry personnel gets the right parts for your laundry equipment. We can locate replacement parts on all types of laundry equipment, from recently installed machines to those in service in excess of 25 years.

WSD provides service globally for all brands of laundry equipment. Factory-trained service technicians travel the globe to handle your service needs quickly and completely. WSD offers Planned Maintenance Programs to minimize emergency service calls, extend equipment life, and reduce operating expenses.

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