A commercial laundry technician is a key partner in running a successful laundromat, so follow our tips to discern why and when to call in the experts. Mechanical aptitude and practical training can help you tackle simple upkeep tasks and common troubleshooting needs that arise in the course of normal operations. However, there are some issues best saved for the professionals. To help you know when to hire a service technician, we’re outlining their primary responsibilities and offering tips for how to choose a reputable partner in preventative maintenance, ongoing service needs, and emergency repairs. 

Is it Time to Call in the Experts?

The decision of when to call in a commercial laundry technician directly correlates to the primary responsibilities of the position. Enlist their services in the following scenarios: 

When It’s Time to Install New Equipment

Installing new commercial laundry equipment involves many moving parts. A skilled technician has the mechanical, technical, and electrical aptitude to correctly connect the machine to its various pieces and power supplies. They’re also equipped with sufficient knowledge to troubleshoot if things don’t go according to plan. But the best technicians aren’t limited to problem-solving: Ours are known for their ability to come up with creative solutions when installation roadblocks arise.

When Commercial Laundry Equipment Malfunctions or Breaks Down

While standard error codes and common issues can often be diagnosed in-house, if your commercial washer or dryer stops working completely, you’ll want to call on an expert who knows the proper steps to take. Improper repairs of complex issues can worsen the problem, cost more in the long run, and even pose a safety hazard. When significant malfunctions occur, call a professional to diagnose and address the problem quickly, minimizing downtime and protecting your investment. 

When Troubleshooting Doesn’t Prevent Recurring Issues

When the same errors seem to appear over and over, even after you’ve followed suggested troubleshooting steps, a professional will need to perform a more thorough analysis. Our skilled technicians have in-depth expertise of the inner workings of commercial laundry equipment, so they can identify underlying causes and perform preventative maintenance to break the cycle behind a recurring issue.

When It’s Time to Upgrade or Expand Your Laundromat

New, modern commercial laundry machines offer improved efficiency, water and energy savings, and innovative, user-friendly features that make your operation run more effectively. A skilled technician can not only help you identify when it’s time to upgrade or expand your laundromat, but also help you decide the best approach to take, which machines to choose, and how to facilitate a seamless transition.

When New Staff Needs Training

Each employee in a laundromat should have a thorough knowledge of proper operation and basic maintenance in order to provide sufficient customer service and keep your machines in top shape. Invest in technician-led training with a knowledgeable professional who can advise on best practices, cover steps to identify potential issues, and teach how to operate machines confidently—plus answer any questions that arise in the course of the training session.

Things to Look for When Partnering With a Laundry Service Technician

Read reviews, check social media, and talk closely before choosing a partner for your laundromat, on-premise, multi-housing, or commercial or industrial laundry needs. A reputable laundry service provider will be:

  • Knowledgeable: The best commercial laundry service technicians have been trained on not only general mechanical and technical skills but also on the specific machines on which they’ll be working. A skilled technician should be happy to share with you details about their credentials and training.
  • Equipped With the Right Tools: In addition to being equipped with extensive knowledge, a skilled commercial laundry technician will travel in a fully-stocked van that can include many of the common parts and tools you’ll need to diagnose or address most major equipment issues.
  • Quick to Respond: A reliable laundry technician will respond to requests for repair or maintenance in a timely manner, minimizing machine downtime. Our service managers monitor emergency calls and regular service needs in real time, which means our technicians have a fast response time during the week, with weekend and emergency after-hours options also available.
  • Reliable & Transparent: A professional partnership means your chosen commercial laundry technician will show up when and where they say they will, and will communicate clearly about any changes to those expectations. They will be transparent about issues, costs, and repair plans, and commit to regular communication when in progress. 

While you may be able to troubleshoot some on-the-job challenges in house, in many instances, it makes the most sense to partner with a professional to address commercial laundry challenges. You may also want to contract with a commercial laundry technician for regular preventative maintenance services—a partnership that offers the added benefit of increased priority and lower response times when emergencies arise. Contact us today to learn more about how Western State Design can help you improve your commercial and vended laundry operations.