Overcoming On-Premise Commercial Laundry Challenges With Western State Design using cranes & riggings

Among the challenges in equipping a hospitality property with the right on-premise commercial laundry equipment is getting the heavy, outsized machinery to its final destination. At Western State Design, this isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, but a routine task. We have extensive experience coming up with creative solutions that help us outfit your hospitality property with the on-premise laundry machines you need, where you need them. Here’s how.

Step 1: Selecting the Right On-Premise Laundry Equipment

The right equipment mix for your on-premise commercial laundry space is a delicate balance that’s influenced by the expected volume of laundry, the maximum capacity of your property, and your approach to washing linens. Our laundry equipment specialists can help you choose between commercial washers and dryers and larger-scale industrial options. They can also help you think through what other equipment you might need for the most efficient, effective operation. 

Step 2: Overcoming Installation Challenges

Out-of-the-way spaces like basements and second-floor rooms (or higher) may be convenient for the day-to-day task of laundering linens. Unfortunately, they are not easily reached when it’s time to install the machines themselves. The benefits of an on-premise laundry facility often outweigh the challenges of outfitting it, and our specialists are well-versed in finding solutions to on-premise laundry installation hurdles. 

Solution #1: Cranes and Riggings

For recent installations in out-of-the-way rooms and basement spaces, our on-premise laundry specialists faced the challenge of exactly how to deliver the large equipment through lobbies, doorways, or stairways to its final destination. The solution? Bring in the big machines: We used full-size cranes and sturdy, strategic rigging to lift oversized equipment over the roof of a building and down to a below-ground space, bypassing interior obstacles and creating a more efficient, effective delivery approach.

Solution #2: Forklifts

A second-floor laundry room may seem like a simple installation task, but no elevator access required strategic planning from our on-premise laundry specialists. For this real-life scenario, our team employed the use of a forklift to carefully fit the laundry equipment through one of the property’s large second-floor windows—a tight squeeze that careful measurements and thoughtful maneuvering easily overcame.  

Solution #3: Disassembly

For a hotel remodel in Seattle, there was only one way for Western State Design specialists to reach the on-premise laundry facilities inside. Unfortunately, that path contained too-narrow hallways and too-low doorways that made it impossible to deliver the new industrial laundry equipment in one piece. Our specialists resorted to a creative solution they frequently employ: They dismantled the machines to navigate the narrow passageways, then quickly reassembled each piece of equipment once they reached the final destination.

From which machine mix is best to how to get it where it needs to be, our WSD laundry specialists are experts in equipping your hospitality property’s on-premise laundry space. We’re ready to tackle any task, so reach out to speak to a specialist today.