What is On-Premise Laundry?

An on-premise laundry (OPL) is a laundry facility located on a business/organization's own premises, designed to handle their specific laundry needs internally rather than outsourcing to a third-party service. An OPL is commonly found in establishments that generate a significant amount of laundry on a regular basis.

Whether you operate a hotel, spa, healthcare, athletic, or other institutional laundry-generating facility, the pressure is always on to provide your guests with a ready supply of fresh, clean linen. If outsourcing your linen laundering to a commercial laundry service isn't working out the way you hoped, you might consider bringing laundry equipment in-house. With modern commercial laundry equipment, developing an efficient on-premise laundry (OPL) may be a practical solution, even if your facility has limited space.

Modern Commercial Laundry Equipment Facilitates an On Premise Laundry

In recent years, advances in digital technology have transformed commercial and industrial laundry equipment, making it not only more efficient but customizable as well, giving facility managers much more control of their operations. Advanced control systems allow close monitoring of performance, so adjustments can be made to increase throughput while maintaining linen quality and minimizing labor.

New wireless networking technology also allows for remote monitoring and control of multiple laundry machines from any internet connected computer, providing real-time information about any maintenance issues that may come up, to keep your OPL running smoothly.

Take Care of Your Linens

In the long term, OPLs not only save money, they allow for better control of the quality of the washing, leading to longer linen life and increased guest satisfaction. Modern laundry equipment features special rinse capabilities that enhance the look and feel of the linen. In addition, high efficiency washer-extractors with high G-force extraction efficiently remove moisture, minimizing required drying time. Innovative dryers are designed to avoid over-drying, thus extending the life of the linens and reducing inventory costs.

Reduced Operating Costs

In many parts of the country, increased water, sewer and utility rates have forced facility managers to look for ways to save - even those with existing OPLs. Replacing older laundry equipment with modern, high efficiency equipment designed to use less water and energy pays off with reduced overall operating costs. Given the machines' increased automation described above, training and labor costs are also reduced.

As a leading distributor of state-of-the-art, high capacity commercial equipment for OPLs, WSD is dedicated to providing solutions to meet any on premise need. Whether you are planning a brand new laundry, or trying to figure out how to modernize or scale up an existing one, we can help. Our laundry specialists can perform an on-site comprehensive analysis of your needs and processes to determine an optimum mix of equipment to maximize productivity while minimizing labor and energy costs.

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