When it’s time to update your laundromat, Dexter Laundry offers appealing options for retooling or refreshing your space. Retooling—the industry term for outfitting your laundromat with all-new vended laundry equipment—can help you save money, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. However, replacing washers and dryers isn’t the only way to reap those rewards. There are affordable, effective ways to upgrade your laundromat without investing in a complete renovation. To choose, weigh the benefits of retooling against practical options for a smaller-scale refresh.

Benefits of Retooling Your Laundromat

A number of factors influence whether it’s time to retool your laundromat, a business decision that offers a range of benefits:

Cost Savings

While the cost of capital improvements can be significant, investing in new commercial laundry equipment can actually save you money in the short- and long-term. New equipment not only requires less maintenance and fewer repairs, but it’s also typically more energy efficient than older machines, so you’ll have lower utility costs.

Increased Revenue

When you renovate your laundromat to accommodate larger washers and dryers, you automatically increase the potential turns per day. And because customers are often willing to pay more per load in newer machines, you can raise prices and create a more profitable revenue stream.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Retooling your laundromat with larger or more modern equipment from Dexter Laundry creates a cleaner, more efficient, and more user-friendly experience: Customers can complete more loads more quickly, with better results than before. All of this leads to greater customer satisfaction—and an increased likelihood that customers will return for repeat visits and ultimately turn into regular patrons. 

Advantage Over Competitors

Whether due to a low wash-to-dry ratio or old machines that face frequent downtime, an underperforming laundromat for any reason can give competitors a chance to sneak in and steal your customers. Remedy these problems when you retool with high-quality, high-performing Dexter washers and dryers; our laundry equipment experts can help you determine the right mix of machines for your space and business objectives.

How to Refresh Your Laundromat Without Replacing Equipment

While retooling boasts the greatest benefits for your bottom line, sometimes replacing all of your equipment is not an option. Luckily, Dexter designs many of its new features and parts to be backwards-compatible so they work with old machines. To refresh your space without investing in all-new equipment, start with these ideas: 

  • Update Equipment Controls: You can add C-Series controls to A-Series Dexter Laundry Equipment, giving you customization options for cycle presets, dry times, and more.
  • Implement DexterLive: Increase control on- and off-site by implementing the DexterLive laundry management system in your laundromat; you can monitor update equipment status remotely, set custom promotions and cycles, and increase customer convenience with the compatible Dexter Pay app.
  • Install Water-Saving Sensors: Install an electric sensor on your machines to monitor water pressure and set custom levels to suit your specific needs and environment.  
  • Add New Dryer Doors: To enjoy the look of new machines without the expense of investing in new equipment, install new chrome doors on existing Dexter dryers. Customers are often willing to pay higher prices for machines that look newer, so you can increase the cost of each load and maximize profits—which you can later reinvest into more significant capital improvements. 

The right partner will be able to guide you toward the best decision for your business objectives. Our Laundry Equipment Experts have worked with laundromats of all sizes and budgets to find the equipment mix and operational approach that works for them. Learn more about partnering with Western State Design by contacting us today.