With today’s increasing utility costs, inflated supply chain pricing, and premium labor rates, companies everywhere are looking to reduce costs in order to boost their bottom line. If your business operates an on-premise laundry room, this can be a significant cost-saving opportunity. Consider these five ways to optimize your on-premise laundry operation in order to improve efficiency, thereby reducing costs and improving your business’s profitability.

1. Reduce Run Times

The math is simple: The less time a process takes, the less energy it uses, and the less it costs. Consider investing in upgraded Milnor commercial equipment to reduce your run times without sacrificing wash quality. The oversized cylinders and advanced technology can process large volumes of laundry with high production standards—no extra rinse cycles or costly rewashing necessary. Plus, powerful water extraction systems significantly reduce dryer times too. Not only do abbreviated cycle times use less water and energy, lowering utility bills, but they also reduce valuable labor hours. When upgrading to efficient equipment, Western State Design will look for opportunities to maximize energy rebates for even more savings.

2. Streamline Processes With Technology

Commercial Milnor equipment has exclusive technology to optimize your whole operation. Rely on easy operation with multilingual LED screens and push-button, preprogrammed capabilities to make your processes repeatable and consistent with less opportunities for human error. Milnor washers utilize PulseFlow technology and RinSave® software to drastically reduce the water cycles, and, when paired with auto-sensing dryers, you can streamline your processes to reduce back-ups and eliminate costly over-drying. Implementing MilTouch digital programming can further fine-tune your control over water levels and equipment to keep everything running in sync. 

3. Switch to Cold Water Cycles

Reducing or eliminating your hot water usage can go a long way toward saving money on utilities. While some industries have strict requirements regulating wash cycles and water temperatures, others can deliver perfectly clean linens with cool-temperature washes when they switch to high-efficiency commercial washing machines. By programming custom wash cycles for your frequently-laundered linens, you can ensure that each load is washed with the correct temperature to ensure sanitation requirements are met while minimizing any unnecessary hot water usage.

4. Train Staff 

It is important to have your staff trained on your commercial laundry equipment and internal processes so your on-premise facility runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. Properly trained staff can be the determining factor in your facility’s efficiency. Simple training for lint and exhaust cleaning, monitoring for leaks, laundry staging and load capacities, and preventative maintenance will help ensure your equipment continues to run like new. When you purchase new commercial laundry equipment from Western State Design, one of our knowledgeable experts can arrange on-site staff training to review features and best practices to maximize the return on your investment.

5. Optimize the Facility Layout

When improving the efficiency of your on-premise laundry, consider how you can adjust the physical layout to better streamline your process. If you’re unsure where to start, Western State Design has commercial planning and consulting services to help you design a layout or expansion that supports an ideal process flow. Choose the correct machines for your industry, and look for opportunities to automate processes in-line to help increase efficiency, thereby cutting costs. 
Not only is improving  your efficiency great for your business, but those updates also benefit your employees, clients, and the utility company. Efficient on-premise laundry extends the life of linens through gentle yet effective wash cycles, reducing replacement costs and keeping fabrics feeling newer longer. Using energy-saving equipment and processes also gives your customers an opportunity to promote their organization as Earth-friendly in marketing materials. When you’re ready to purchase new energy-efficient equipment, partner with Western State Design to meet your needs with the most efficient, environmentally friendly lineup possible. Contact a WSD commercial laundry equipment expert today to see how we can help.