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WSD is a leading supplier of Dexter Laundry equipment, parts, and full service solutions to vended and coin operated laundry businesses. Top-rated Dexter Laundry commercial washers, dryers, and stack washer-dryers are manufactured in the U.S.A. They are attractive, reliable and built to last making them popular with both laundromat operators and customers alike.

Industry-leading Dexter Laundry commercial machines offer a number of innovative features that help laundromat operators maximize profits and reduce costs while standing out from the competition:

High Efficiency - Dexter commercial front load washers use less water and electricity than traditional top-loaders, offering significant savings on utility costs. With their innovative airflow design, Dexter commercial dryers dry items more quickly, using less energy than other brands.

Reliable and Durable - High quality bearings and other parts are engineered for countless cycles to help avoid downtime and costly repairs.

Attractive - Made with top quality stainless steel. They look like new, even after many years of heavy, daily use.

Customer-Friendly - Clear, easy controls with multiple language options. Front-mounted soap dispenser and wide doors provide easy access. Customers love being able to wash bulky items quickly and easily.

Programmable & Customizable - Program different cycles; variable pricing to even out customer traffic, remote operation, emergency stop and much more.

Service and Support - Industry-leading warranty, lifetime technical support, service, and training.

Genuine OEM Parts - Largest online parts store in North America. Same day shipping.

Modular Design - Eases cleaning and maintenance

Machine Capacity Choices - Choose from our wide variety of different-sized machines. Dexter Commercial washers range in size from 20 lb. to 90 lb. capacities. Single dryers are available in 30 lb., 50 lb., and 80 lb. capacities. We also offer stack washer-dryers and stack dryers to save space.