WSD supplies commercial laundry equipment & services on a global basis for campus laundry solutions. We represent the premier brands in quality, durability, and operating efficiency.

Whether primary or secondary education, public or private, or an academy or a university, educational facilities can generate significant amounts of laundry. Our commercial laundry experts will assist you in obtaining the right equipment for your athletic department or for student housing or any other laundry needs. Additionally, WSD can help you design an efficient, easy-to-operate laundry room.

Today's budgets are tight, so finding cost-effective commercial laundry equipment is important. The laundry equipment we supply is eco-friendly. The equipment includes the latest energy saving features to reduce water consumption, natural gas and utilities. These features include water reuse, heat reclamation, and higher extraction speed that will ensure that your laundry is processed in less time and at lower costs.

WSD's laundry experts understand the many challenges faced by institutional laundries. Consequently, they can help you select the right laundry solution to provide the utmost level of cleanliness and efficiency at the lowest possible cost. In addition, our design and construction team can assist you in building or retrofitting a highly efficient laundry facility.

Laundry Equipment for Student Housing & Dormitories

Easy to use, large capacity central laundry rooms are both a convenience and a necessity for today's student housing facilities. For durable designs, tight spaces, and first-time users, we have the right equipment for your situation. Whether you provide wash and fold or vended laundry services, WSD will help you determine the right equipment for your residence hall or dorm.

Why Choose Commercial Laundry Equipment from WSD?

  • Experience: 50 years' experience and 6,000+ customers served
  • Pre-Sale Support: Site design and product selection assistance
  • Post-Sale Support: Programming, training, and optimization
  • Ongoing Support: Routine maintenance and repairs
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