Commercial Laundry Planning & Consulting Services

WSD provides expertise and support In all areas of laundry operations, either within an existing on-premise laundry, a dedicated laundry processing facility or an outsourced linen provider. Our services include everything from initial planning to design, construction and operation, to the final training of client staff. Additionally, we assist many clients today in expanding their operations, while others require assistance with consolidation. These tasks require budget analyses and projected impacts on productivity, customer service, quality, employees, and the bottom line.

Recent projects have included:

  • New Construction, Renovation, and/or Expansion
  • Market & Technical Feasibility Analysis
  • Time Studies, Work Flow & Operational Analysis
  • Bid Specification & Bid Document Preparation and/or Analysis
  • Energy Conservation Studies & Recommendations
  • Energy Rebates and Tax Incentives
  • Equipment Seismic Restraint Evaluations
  • Employee Training including Management, Operations, & Maintenance
  • Equipment and/or Expansion ROI & Cost Analysis
  • Equipment Utilization Reviews
  • Inventory Control
  • Labor and Workforce Management
  • Technical Expertise in Linen Life Maximization
  • Long Range and Capital Planning
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