Chicago Dryer

Commercial Laundry Combination Machines

Do it all with one machine. Chicago Dryer's All-In-One combination finishing equipment completes feeding, ironing, folding, crossfolding and stacking in a single process. Transport between machines is no longer necessary as Chicago Dryer's All-In-One commercial laundry finishing machines increase efficiency and minimize floor space in your laundry.

Choose from the CrossStar 36 "Luxury Line" Finisher - the industry's fastest, most advanced one-piece finishing system for processing bed and table linen with one-person loading. Or, the Tri-Star All-In-One Ironer which offers one-piece units in 32" and 24" roll diameters in gas or steam heated models. The Tandem and Duo-Star 20 models round out the selection of Chicago Dryer's All-In-One line of finishing machines, ensuring you'll have the right All-In-One finishing equipment for your commercial or on-premise laundry.

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Chicago Dryer Laundry Combination Machines Include:

  • CrossStar CT 36: State-of-the-art combination system neatly irons and folds linens and offers optional feeding and stacking modules.
  • Tandem: One piece laundry finishing unit, perfect for a high quality hotel establishment with limited space.
  • Tri-Star CT: Designed for high volume on-premise laundry facilities, all in one ironer finishing system.
  • Duo-Star 20: 20" roll ironers, combined with Laser Series standard features - all star machine for drying, ironing, and folding prep.